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    Demand for more Standard Timeline of India, in some states.

    As we know that the standard timeline of India is 82.5 ° east longitude, which passes through Naini near Allahabad, and rises through some other states. If we talk about the time gap, then in Arunachal Pradesh and the state of Gujarat, the time interval is about 2 hours. In such a situation, a separate standard timeline is being demanded by some states, especially the Northeast states. Although there are many other countries where there is more than 1 standard timeline, can there be a possibility in India? The time of 2 hours varies greatly, in this case even the states are correct.

    The study of the books shows that there were three different standard times in India even during the British period, which were divided by the names - Bombay, Calcutta, and Chay (Tea) Baagaan.

    If India also has more than 1 standard line like other countries, will it have its effect on the normal daily routine? Member. Please share your opinion.
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    This subject was discussed as an active group discussion in 2013. I was a participant and winner of that discussion. I was against a separate time zone. Even now, I am against it as it will create some problems, especially in banking transactions. Probably, it may be possible now but there is no necessity to create unnecessary problems. The north-east people are well accustomed to the early sunrise. I had been to Arunachal Pradesh a few times. I did not find any difficulty.
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    As the world is spread over in general and India in particular, surely the time lines are bound to happen and that has become habitual for the respective locals and no complaints nor demand for the separate standard of time has been registered so far. Moreover people over the course of years have been adjusted and agreed to the present situation of their life and life style and therefore changing the standard time line now as opined by the author does not require nor necessary. Moreover if any changes need to be made, that should be from many demands from many states but there seems to no such demands from any state.
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    In US it is there since quite long and when the frequent travellers go from one end to other first thing they do is correct their watches. That is the mechanical or electronic watches they are wearing but their mobile devices must be getting it automatically through GPS or something of that sort. If there are no technical hiccups then it can also be done here as our country is quite big latitude wise.
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    If such a thing is introduced in our country then in the beginning it might create a lot of confusion. We are not habitual of accommodating with such time differences. It is also not understood what is the practical use or application of such a change. How it helps us. In what way? If in Assam state it gets dark at 6 PM in the evening while in Rajasthan it gets dark only at 7:30 PM then is it a matter of concern? Any member having some knowledge on this aspect may please help us to understand as why such a change in time from place to place is required.
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    The difference between Pakistan and India is 30 minutes and if we think of distance it is very near to Amritsar border and that way we have time difference even within India.
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    There will be many demands by many states and it has to be seen whether the demands have any logic behind them. Is the IST hampering the activities of the demanding states in any way? The problem is the involvement of politicians in such demands. Some people in a particular state may demand something without giving it much thought and politicians jump in to popularize such demands. I will not be surprised if someday this particular demand becomes an election issue.

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    I think separate time zones in our country are not required. Now as a country we have only one standard time and the whole country is following the same. What is that we are going to gain from this. We have many differences. There are different religions, languages, food habits. Added to them this will become another difference. Let us not encourage any such moves which will add to already existing confusions.
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