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    What are your plans and preparations for Holi?

    Only a few days are left for Holi, and the children have much more enthusiasm about Holi than the elders of the family. This year almost all the festivals have been celebrated by all the families with great simplicity and in view of the present situation, it is only fair to consider Holi also with simplicity. But Holi is a festival that is not complete without a little bit of color. But keeping in mind the increasing form of the Corona epidemic, everyone has to celebrate Holi this time with more and more caution. So members, what is your plan with your family on Holi?
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    About 15-20 days back I saw some items in the local market which shopkeepers have started to showcase to the customer and some people have already started to buy them for the coming Holi festival. Unfortunately, just a few days back the situation has changed and corona status is becoming alarming and the new cases are increasing speedily. In light of that I do not see any outdoor activity during Holi in this region of Maharashtra where I live. We will at the most have some video conferencing fun activity and that is the all I am expecting and being a responsible citizen of the country we all should discourage any gathering or mixing during Holi and any such function till corona is contained and controlled.
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    As of now, I am in a village in Andhra Pradesh. Here Holi is not a big festival and people may not celebrate Holi in a grand way even on normal days. Because of the present situation, there is no activity is there at all. Probably we will have some activity in Cities.
    I am planning to go back to Hyderabad in a couple of days. So on the day of Holi definitely I will be in Hyderabad. In Telangana generally, Holi is full of colours. But last year no activity due to the pandemic. This year also we are not fully out of problem.
    From the last 3 days the cases of COVID are increasing in Andhra as well as Telangana also. In Telangana schools are closed. So Holi will be dull only this year also I feel. It is better not to indulge in such group activities and following all the precasutions is very important. So I will not participate in any activity on that day and if everything goes will next year we can celebrate.

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    As author said, it's better if people play holy with simplicity. With the situation going out of control, chances are high for cases to go even more high if people play holi like they have always played.
    Better to avoid crowd and gather too many people to avoid any disaster later. If people are little considerately then we can play holi the way we want in coming years without any fear.

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    In AP Holi is not a big festival and in normal conditions itself people don't celebrate this festival like in North. In Hyderabad this festival is celebrated like as in North. As we are not completely safe out of this pandemic situation it is better for us not to involve in such mass gathering festival celebrations. The cases are slowly increasing in our Telugu states as well as in many states in the country. So I hope this festival will be celebrated at a low key this year also.

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    Holi is a big festival for Hindu. Every year, we used to celebrate with great enthusiasm. But, since last year we have not been celebrating nicely due to covid -19. This year, as infection rapidly spreading there are likely more chances to be situation remain same. Seeing corona situation, we should avoid gathering. If we maintain covid rules then only we can stop this disease from spreading. This year also, We will celebrate holy in a peaceful manner.

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    In normal days itself I am against this festival of colors which is actually forced on others without their concern and thus feel frustrated over the behavior even some close and known people. I do agree that people have pleasure and enjoyment on others feeling discomfort with colors smeared over their face and it is the fun time for them to tease and time pass. But nothing gets enjoyment when there is no consent. And this festival is the way of touch and feel good factor and now the second phase of corona cases are fast spreading and I fear many may be having reservations to play this color festival. Even some may claim that they are going to play with natural colors and not the chemicals. it is observed and felt that chemicals are used and the color would not wipe out from our face and body for the days together and thus this festival not liked by many.
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    This time we are not going out and mix with the people as we usually did during this festival of colour and fun. But I am planning to make some sweet items in the house and avoiding anything from market to reduce the risk of getting contamination or adulteration in outside items. We are also not visiting others houses and discouraging other also to visit us. Some people may not like this behaviour but we have to be strict.
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    Holi is the festive of colors but like last year ,this festival is not celebrating in many of the places like at our places also, we are residing at companies colony where all such events are celebrated together. Officially this has been declared not to celebrates. Accordingly in individual house one can celebrates with his family members. So I think there will be only puja in the name of this festival. But children will be the most sufferer because they enjoy with colors. In last year also due to corona virus Holi has not make enjoyable. I think that will also save a money for all, but indirectly the businessman will also suffer. So we should maintain the laws and decorum as necessary in this time for the benefit of the society also.
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    Holi is not a festival to the south. We don't think of Holi at anytime. Hence, there is no plan and preparation. However, the people from the north staying in our area would celebrate Holi, and the southern people would share with them for joy and happiness. We don't spend a single paise for Holi.
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