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    Is expressing anger a way to relax ourselves?

    Most of us have anger issues or have been dealt with people having anger issues. Different people express their anger in different ways. Few people vent out their anger on someone less powerful than them and some might show by throwing things around them or by shouting loud or even hurting themselves. Few might try to calm themselves down by using few techniques.
    Though anger does a lot danger to oneself it's really difficult to control. After venting out the anger, the person cools down a bit. So do you think venting out anger gives momentary relaxation?
    I feel, though after effects of anger might be different, at that point you vent out anger, you are removing your frustration which will make you feel better for that moment.
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    Good post raised by the author. As expression of anger is one way of venting out frustration of one on the other. For example the boss must have fired for wrong doing and the same manager would not vent his anger on the subordinates and thus level goes down the line. Anger need to be controlled as the other person is no way concerned to our state of mind. At no point of time we have any right to belittle the efforts of others who are right in their own way. Get out of the spot or the scene is the best way to keep the anger and frustration under control otherwise we may escalate our ire on more people who ever spotted before us. Even the people not concerned were also targeted. Suppose when a person in in anger and suddenly sales man knock the door, surely he would be fired for no reason. Remain calm and composed would be the great mantra.
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    Anger is the manifestation of our stress, biasing, prejudices, failures, and frustration. It is a normal thing and most of the people vent it time to time. There are a very few people who can control it and avoid its expression in public. When someone is angry, others become alert and defensive so sometimes anger helps in changing the prevailing situation though every time it might not be successful in bringing the desired effect. The main problem comes when both the sides become angry and it results in bigger confrontation leading to sometimes even physical offending and when it happens the things take an ugly turn and the mutual relations deteriorate further. It is believed that anger management and control is a difficult task but those who learn it and excel in it are better of the lot as they can avoid many embarrassing and inconvenient situations in their lives because of that virtue the possess.
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    Anger may surface due to annoyance of the boss for a few employees. Under that situation, if the boss happens to come across such employees, he may burst out for a petty thing and while the boss is vomiting his anger, the entire activities of the group get affected. It may happen that the employees engaged seriously in their jobs leave the same joining the spot where boss is seating. Instead of doing any fruitful jobs, the entire group would loose their time only to hear what ailed the boss. Keeping in view of the target of the jobs, everyone should behave in a restrained manner.

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    Anger is the out suing of the stress ball frequently hit the sick wicket. It may or may be due to the intention of the Bowler. It is the responsibility of the batsman to show coolness by defending or make a boundary for face to face action. Yes, we all act as per the trends in our life to make anybody unbelievable for the moment by this word "anger" . We do not understand what they will act by our action, even sometimes venting our anger to our elder to make them unhappy.
    In general when anybody is in anger situation ,the others should be in cool situation that will indirectly help reducing their anger. In office as well as in home it is a common phenomena and all of us are habituated with this.

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    It is human nature to feel anger when one sees, hears, or knows what he does not like. But while some people can control their emotions, others cannot. This anger is the main reason for the breakdown of many relationships. There are those who shout out in anger and throw away whatever they can get their hands on. But most people are worried about it later and feel that they should not have done so.

    Be careful not to talk too much when you feel angry. This is the best way to control anger

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    There may be many reasons for a person to become angry. Once he becomes angry his thinking abilities will come down. If he continues to be in that state for long his health will also get spoiled. The best way to come out of that frame of mind is to vent it. Once we vent it out on somebody definitely we feel a little relaxed and our thinking process will start. On whom we have to vent it out is the question. We may be angry with somebody in our office and the other person may be powerful. We can't release our anger on him. We will look for a soft person who will not say anything and shout at him. That will release our anger. Otherwise, after going home we may shout at our partner or child so that our anger will come down.
    Sometimes we may get angry at somebody but we can't say anything to him at that moment. An intelligent guy will be soft at that moment but when he gets a chance he will take his revenge,

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    Expressing your anger to someone may be momentarily helpful to you but in the long run, it is not going to help us in any way. It is true that most of us are habituated to express our anger in certain ways but we need to practise how to control our anger. When we are angry, we cannot realize what is right or wrong and do things that are beyond our control. This is always dangerous and may damage many valuable things in our lives. Apart from damaging materials where a person is habituated to throw things out of anger, it can hamper cordial relationships also. We all need to be careful and find ways to manage our temper while angry.

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    I do not think that it provides any relaxation to us. It only vents our frustration or excitement for some time and that is all. One thing is there that if possible we should avoid anger but we all are human beings and it is possible that we get angry at times in our lives depending of course on the situations and circumstances. It is very difficult to control on the spontaneous burst of anger.
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    Anger is not considered a good solution in any situation, neither for yourself nor for others. Some people think that we make our minds light by listening to things in front of an angry person, but it is not so. When we are angry, we know what we have said to a person and later we sometimes regret it. But after anger, we feel more stressed rather than relax. The best way to relax is to assess the situation that is causing you problems by sitting alone in your mind and then find a solution to that problem. An alternative to this solution should not include anger or irritation. Anger may dominate us for a short time, but its effect on any relationship is also very deep and prolonged.
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    Venting out anger relieves a person but getting angry is not a good trait of a person and venting out on someone else just for relieving himself from tension can't be appreciated because the person whom he shows his wrath being him weak or his subordinate can't shout back at him. At least, I can't tolerate this type of venting out anger activity.
    We should learn how to control our anger and it is said that he who controls his anger, particularly when he is in a position to vent out his anger back on him who has exasperated him is the real brave person.
    I always see that anger is very clever. It never comes out against a stronger or powerful person. It always comes out when the other person is poor, weak or helpless. It knows if it comes out against a powerful person it will result in an unfavourable outcome.

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    I totally agree with the author. It is indeed very important for someone to vent out their anger. Anger can be a destroyer for a lot of things that might be good in our life. Anger issues are known to have ruin human relationships, work ethics and the list goes on. Anger also effect our own mental health and effect the equilibrium of our mind and brain. When some doesn't vent on their emotions especially anger it can be very harmful as these emotions could built up and turn into a solid state of mind that effect every aspect of your daily lives hence it becomes very necessary to clear out these anger. Everyone must have their ways of letting out their anger, be it a creative way or something whatever may it be, there should be something you do to let out these harmful emotions. After you've let out your anger, as the author said it might have a bad result after in the long run it is for your own well being. Hence, it becomes important to let out your anger, indeed.
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