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    Involve while doing task, you are not blamed at all

    Whether at the home or the office we do take the task and our aim is to finish the same as early as possible as our task is connected to others who are also waiting down the line for their finishing the work. In that case we are closely watched by the higher ups and also those concerned down the line and we have the huge responsibility of total involvement in the work and need to be completed in time. Any distraction and disturbance from our side cannot be tolerated and we need to be more careful and answerable and we cannot have excuse.
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    In a group activity or workplace each and every person is important and has to contribute and act his part and if there is a single hiccup at one place the whole process is delayed or disrupted. It is required that there should not be a flaw or deficiency at any link in this work chain. But we are not robots and are human beings and our mind will always be wandering in some other territories and our focus and concentration will be affected and the work in hand also might get affected to the same degree. This is a practical reality and management has to consider this vital fact also while assessing the group output. At the same time it is also a fact that if such delays and deficient practices are happening at a particular node then the person responsible for that has to be warned and if it does not improve he has to be replaced by a suitable substitute.
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    While doing a job in a group, it is immaterial who is doing what. The most important being the involvement of each member equally for the complete attainment in the the job. The people may think he is junior to the remaining staffs and so even if he neglects his job, the target may not be affected since someone will do his job apart from his job. To some extent he may be correct in the sense the group would make every attempt to finish the same within the stipulated period. However, it speaks of indiscipline and if not properly contained, group spirit will deteriorate and that too is not desirable. In a group everyone is important irrespective of their designations.

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    Yes, the author has rightly saying the official job process , any official job you are doing must be used for somebody's requirement. So all are waiting for the result of the outcome of you. It is also correct that in a big office the boss always can not actively participated the each task due to much varieties nature of jobs volume. The staff are grouping in a manner to complete every task in time as given the boss throughout the day. But sometime there may be some delay due to non availability of a particular data in time which is required for that jobs. In such a case the jobs can be done together with the help of the boss or from the help of others related section also. Blame may be everywhere where is going any works , that does not mean you should not do your works. Without active involvement in the jobs ,it can not be completed in time. It is clear in employment rules also. Hence, we all should maintain our responsibility in the office as well as home to remain healthy in living.
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    Yes. It is like a relay running race. If the first participant delays in handing over the running to the second participant, there are chances the second participant may also get delayed. Then the blame will go to the first participant and finally, the whole team will lose the race.
    In the same way, when we manufacture a product in various stages, a delay in a particular stage will cause the total delay in getting the product out.
    In the same way, if one person slows down his work in a team the total team will be at a loss. That is why if any person completes his work early, he can help the others so that the work will be completed on time.

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