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    Can the police be empowered to search and arrest at homes and establishments without a warrant?

    An "Armed Police Bill", which allows police to search and arrest without a warrant was presented in the Bihar Legislative Assembly. Opposition MLAs who opposed and condemned this Police Bill were attacked by security officials.
    The JDU-BJP Government is trying to silence the people's representatives and subvert the constitutional values. Opposition parties, including the Congress, the Aam Aadmi Party, the RJD, the DMK, the TRS, and the Samajwadi Party, have condemned such a move by the state government.
    The Armed Police Bill is unconstitutional. The bill empowers the police to crack down on those who speak out against the government.
    When the opposition parties made protests yesterday, the government called the police to face it. Some MLAs were dragged away by the police.
    Has our democracy deteriorated to the point where even the MLAs are being dragged away by the police to establish ruling class supremacy? Is this acceptable?
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    I am fully supporting the bill by the Bihar govt empowering the armed forces to search and arrest the people without the mandatory warrant. Bihar has been notirious with extra ordinary behavior from so called leaders and the democray is not given respect nor the people get their respect. Those who have power and position enjoy the life there and those who are not in power try to over power the society to get their work done and having seen such kind of eccentric behavior this rule has been brought to contain the Goons and their activities. In fact other states should also emulate.
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    These are sad days for India. We have to pray in silence for the good days to come. Anyone who supports such moves is totally out of touch with humanity.
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    As long as the police use their powers judiciously. there will not be any problem if they were given those powers. But the problem comes only when they misuse the powers given to them. Generally, we see in many issues police knows the actual culprit. But they can't take any action.
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    It is not at all acceptable. The police force in the entire country is in the grip of the ruling parties in the respective states and generally, people fear the police force for this very reason. With this new bill, the police force will take an upper hand and can do whatever they feel like. With this bill, the ruling political party can tighten its grip on the police force and that's what was witnessed in the assembly when the bill was brought in. To assist the marshalls in the assembly in removing the protesting legislators, police were called in. Who did it and the answer is the government. The aim of this bill is to maintain order in public, protection of specific establishments from the wrath of the protestors and also combat extremism.

    Unless the entire police force is removed from the grip of the political parties, the law and order situation will not improve and corruption will increase.


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    Police should not be given limitless powers as they can misuse it. But in emergency they should be able to take up actions against the anti national or anti social elements. That is also required by the society. We want that police should do that but at the same time we do not want to give them those powers. So, this is an ambiguous situation. For last 73 years we had been living in that ambiguity and now the ruling party wants to change it but that is also not acceptable to us in the name of democracy. I think we are not clear in our mind or we doubt the sincerity of the police and ruling party. Whatever it is we will have to live in this paradox for some more time.
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    Such a bill is required to handle the hard core criminals who always have the escape routes. To catch hold of such politically influenced criminals we need such special bills. I welcome the bill and support the bill. However, the government and police authorities should not misuse and take advantage of the bill.
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    No, such bills should not be allowed to be passed which not only invade the citizens' right to privacy but is a straightforward human rights violation and arbitrary power in anyone's hand doesn't guarantee any protection from crimes. Instead, it just makes the people in power unruly and unsympathetic towards human life, often leading to the use of such power in personal rivalry and promotion of the culture of the bribe.
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    Are we pro or against this bill it does not affect the government at all? If the bill is passed in assembly let the opposition parties protest.
    If this law is misused by the police force then it will be a big problem for people.

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