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    Our be brave guts can help us to solve even occuring problems

    While many of us fear to take any decision while confronting problems and look for others to solve our issues. some have developed their own be brave guts and thus prove to be helping themselves from coming out of pertinent and occuring problems. If one problem is solved and amicably settleled they gain the experience of go to other problem solving. This way the guts get more wide and more new avenues are being searched and sought for. Therefore instead of wasting time on others help its better to inculcate self guts to come of every situation.
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    When others have a problem, we are able to intervene and solve the problem easily. But for our own problem, how much we think about it, many of us find it difficult to find the right solution. It's not because we do not have faith in ourselves. We are ruled by a fear that our problem will not be solved properly. Therefore, a solution is sought from someone who is very close to us. Doubts rule the mind as to whether the solution they propose is good and complete, we ask someone else what they can do about it as a second opinion. What they give maybe another opinion. Then we are in confusion again. But we come to the conclusion that the best solution is what has arisen in our own thinking.
    But if we approach a problem with only our courage, sometimes the problem can get serious. But if we leave the problem in our mindset and think positively and courageously approach the problem, we will get a good solution.

    "Cheruthulli Peruvellam"
    small drops make a mighty ocean

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    A doctor was undergoing surgery. he was feeling a little pain. He said to his friends I performed many surgeries but never felt this much pain. When we are in problems, we see them as a very big problem and we will fail to solve them easily. This is not a problem. But it is in your thinking and mindset.
    We should have confidence in ourselves and we should start thinking that the problem can be easily solved by us. Then we start thinking in a positive frame of mind. Once it happens we start thinking about various ways and means to attack the problem and we will be successful. All can't think in these lines. People with confidence in them and people who are brave can only think.

    always confident

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    Being brave during the tough times is definitely gonna solve many problems. A person who fears or worried when in a problem is blocking many paths to solution. The fear will make the person always think of it as to why this happened and why it happened only to him etc. If we are strong, we will have the mindset to think in calm state and think of possible solutions rather than crying without finding ways.

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