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    If you can't forgive, can't maintain good relationships

    Let me tell you today a little thing that came to my mind. One of the important quality that a human being must have to develop a good relationship is forgiveness. Now this quality has being disappearing from human being. Do not think that we are defeat when we forgive others. The ability to forgive is our eminence, no doubt. Although the fault is on our part, it is very difficult for us to apologize to others or to say a word 'sorry'. This is why the values and happiness that existed in relationships in olden days are not seen today.

    So I tell you that, there is nothing that is all perfect in our world. There is good and bad in everything. So there is no great benefit in searching only for one which is most perfect. If there is a breakup in the relationship between husband and wife, or between children and parents, or between office workers, or between friends, we can nurture a good relationship if you are willing to forgive.

    Many relationships are lost in life because we are not ready to forgive. We should try to make forgiveness a part of life. Then we can create good relationships.
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    Though the author is right that forgiveness is the best medicine to heal up the relationships. Sometimes, because of a minor mistake of a closed relative, we tend to drift apart. We think that is the best recourse. While looking at our own tradition, our culture was not so in the past. We believe in forgiveness and that was the basic point in strengthening our relationship.Those days could be seen in our relationship. The same culture is still to be maintained for our better ties in our relationship.

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    A good thought from the writer and it is very true that it is very difficult to forgive. In all the scriptures, it is said that we need to love others as we love ourselves and need to forgive others as we want others to forgive us. When we are in the seat of the rider, it becomes very difficult to forgive but when we are at the other end, we would like others to forgive with ease. The same is followed when we are dealing with other people. We would be preaching to forgive but when it comes to our desk, it becomes very difficult to do so, and may even stop talking with them. The worst is when you have your dear ones at the receiving end as we expect them to understand us but when they do us harm, it is very difficult to forgive or as said by the writer that forgiveness is diminishing in today's world as everyone is busy with themselves that they don't value others as we had in olden days.
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    Forgiveness is a very good trait that will not be there with many people. Sometimes there will be a difference of opinion will develop between people and sometimes they may lead to unnecessary friction. In such cases, if one of the parties adjust and leave the matter there, there will not be further escalation of the issues. If one can forgive the mistake of the other, there will not be any break in the relationship.
    I know a couple in Hyderabad. There was friction between the two and a big argument was there. Finally, they got separated and the case is in court as of date. The issue is not a very big issue but ego played an important role in the whole matter. If one of them taken a sympathetic view on the other, the issue might not have gone up to that level.

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    Forgiveness is a very difficult action, a few people have the quality of this. When in a heart the love speaks louder than the hate, we expect forgiveness from such a heart. You forgive a prisoner to get him free is the real forgiveness. One famous idea given by Guru dev Rabindranath Tagore "Go not to the temple to ask for forgiveness for your sins, first forgive from your heart those who have sinned against you" So it is a quality of the human being to maintain such heart for all . Yes, we do not even give value to others as we love ourselves only. If we expect something from others first we have to scarify and if we start something first, one can find the satisfaction there. And the quality of forgiveness will reaches us to a new height of life.
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    It is the fact that those who forgive has the great trait in their live and those who have wronged must be repenting for the forgiveness. There are people who think that forgiving is not their cup of tea, and keep on arguing in favor of their issues and matters. By forgiving we are not showing our weakness and in fact we are more humane by understanding to the problems of others and agreeing to be amicable to them. Some thinks that forgiving is something a defeat like thing in their life and does not want to commit anything that directly reflects their fall off from the situation.
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    There are some people who have confrontations with others and then they keep it in their mind and even if the other party comes and says - hello, they do not respond and ignore it due to their stubborn attitude. In fact that is the time when they should had come out of their ego and compromise with other person. The ego is the culprit and we have to get rid of this ego which makes us so stubborn and rigid.
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    I do agree. The author has also mentioned an important point and that is nobody is absolutely perfect in this world. Yet, we keep on searching for the perfect person or thing. When it is the fault of a machine we can easily get away by saying it a mechanical fault but human beings are not machines and often do things that are not at all desirable. Forgiving is a way of accepting that others can make mistakes. This is a realization and when people begin to realize such things they forgive others.

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    Forgiveness is a great quality of a human being. If someone hurts you or violates your right forgive him and if you have committed any mistake or have hurt someone, then seek forgiveness to the concerned person. It is the great principle laid down for all human beings to spend a peaceful life. This activity kills arrogance and superiority complex. It strengthens your ties with people. People will become your friends instead of being enemies.
    But unfortunately, we stay away from this great quality. Neither we are ready to forgive others nor will seek forgiveness. Badness is more powerful than goodness. Humanity is shrinking gradually.

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