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    Is suicided cases and crimes increase in corona time?

    Hi Friends,

    is suicided cases and crimes increase in corona time? As per my point of view yes its increased. I think due to corona and lockdown many peoples lost his jobs so money problem is first major problem for all. Second thing lot of peoples moved to village so they are free and no work and everybody know if people do not have work then how they can behav.

    still corona time is going on I do not know how much more harm in future. I think this is a time of Mahamari after that it will be mara mari. What do you think friends. Take care.
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    As far as my knowledge goes, there was no abnormal increase in suicide cases or crimes. No, where it is highlighted or shown as a serious issue. There might have been a marginal increase or may not be.
    The main problems noticed during Corona are unemployment and financial problems. Many people suffered financially. Many people lost their jobs also. At the same time, some people helped the needy more than in normal times.

    always confident

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    I don't think so there are increase in suicide cases during the Covid times. Yes, lockdown was the toughest phase for many people. But there were also people who have helped the needy during that time. Coping up from that situation was tough but people have managed to face it. There could be suicide but we cannot say it was due to the negative impact of corona, it could be for various other reasons also which include even lockdown and financial crisis.

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    No doubt every one has gone through the worst period of our life and we were lonely and alone and we are mending our ways without anyones help. Bravo India for confronting the unwanted corona virus and we are greatful that it does not bothered us much. But those who are unable to bear the pain of loss of near and dear ones and those who lost the jobs are unable to bear the life and thus went to the extent of suicide and death. Great are those who swam against the tide and and stood firmly against odds and thus winner all the way. Nothing can shake persons with guts and strength to face anything.
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    Though suicide cases might not have increased during last year but crime rates must have gone up. Otherwise also crime rates were going up only. India is a very highly populated country and here the statistics do not change so easily and so quickly. If the next corona wave remains for a long time then changes can come in the society due to psychological and depressive reasons.
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