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    Why most of us are average and a few extraordinary?

    If I ask you how to find out who is average or something extraordinary you will do it easily through some calculations and with the help of statistics. In the case of students, you will take into account the marks scored in different classes and then say who is an average student and whose score is excellent. If it is in the professional field you will calculate the time one has taken to reach a certain position in the hierarchy and so on. But why only a few extraordinary and the rest is average? Is it related to our level of intelligence? Analyzing it from various aspects I found nobody was extraordinary in a day. They became extraordinary through practice and perseverance. Talk of any personality in any field and you will find their level of practice extraordinary and that has made them extraordinary. Without practice, even a talented person cannot perform extraordinarily. The thought process makes a big difference here. Just look around and you will find the average people in the herd. It is because the tendency of many of us is to follow the herd and not to show our uniqueness. Somehow, most of us forgot that each one is unique. Members, what do you say?
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    if you want to understand this concept why there is a crowd of average population then I would like to you suggest an activity that you should select any 50 numbers between 1 to 100 and then calculate the average now you will find that your average comes near where the gap between numbers is very low the same is applicable on the distribution of of intelligence quotient IQ if we study about this graph seriously then we will find that less than 2% of all population are are mentally retarded or extra ordinary persons in the world and the most probable paath of anyone's IQ is related with average group. I think the causes of having more average population are that we think OK what the other people think we care what others will say and there are merely e one or two persons out of hundreds who pierce the self made boundaries.

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    In a class itself with the strength of 40 we could easily make out 20 would be below average, 10 would be average, 5 would be above average and five be would extraordinary or excellent. And those who are below average has many reasons to be so like lack of confidence in them, fear complex to ask doubts and family situation prevents them to study well. The average students are those who have been maintaining this trend since the past and would not develop for obvious reasons. And the students who are performing above average are those who have the inclination to pursue those who have been topping in the class. And finally we come to the cream de la cream or the excellent students of class in all subjects who were more attentive in class, never waste the time and even help others to come up. And the school would be happy with these lots.
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    People give many explanations to explain as why some people are extraordinary while the rest are average or below average. One important thing which can be attributed to this is their hard work and learning tendencies while other is that some are born gifted in this regard. I feel that both the things are required. One should be hereditarily intelligent and sharp as well as laborious and hard working if one wants to be included or identified as an extraordinary person. In fact an ordinary person can also become an extra ordinary if he has a capacity to work so much as well as exert so much. The only problem comes is managing ones time because if you dedicate to much to your work, career, and ambitions then you cannot take care of other things related to your family and other petty matters for which also some people (the average ones!) will be looking up to you. So, the extraordinary people are loaded with ordinary work also which always pulls them back and that is the great retarding force with which they have to continuously fight and cope up and not to deter from their main path.
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    It is like asking why the five fingers are not same but different in height and size. All cannot be same. There has to be difference in each and everything. When we have extraordinary, excellent, very good, good, moderate, fair, average, bad, poor, very poor to grade the things, we need to have the differences in individuals or things.
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    The differences between individuals is due to various reasons like hereditary, surrounding environment, the brought up of the individual, economic differences, the facilities available for education, the attitude developed in an individual for hard work and many more factors. Some gifted individuals will be there by birth they excel well. Many may argue that hard work may keep any one top but definitely hereditary factor is one that decide the smartness of an individual. We can observe some with little effort can excel in any situation but some they have to toil so hard to reach high position.

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    Rarely we had met some children who display extraordinary talent in childhood. When we look back to them and see that their parents (in some cases only father or mother) were thus above average (thought-provoking or work-related). It is common for such children to receive the generous support of such parents. But only by this, one does not have to be extraordinary. The interaction between the child and the parents every day is very relevant here. This interaction I said is not about asking questions to see if they have learned their lessons every day. That interaction should be spending time with children and talking about other things in connection with their personality development. Parents have a big role to play in recognizing and polishing their inner talents.
    It has been seen that many of those who excelled in their studies in the younger classes have been transferred to the average in the upper classes and are falling behind in terms of work or life.
    So to become extraordinary, quality encouragement from parents at an early age and self-effort when they grow up is essential. No matter how the parents give the necessary encouragement, they will not be able to rise above the limit (above average) to the extraordinary without their own efforts.
    We have seen at least some people who have reached the extraordinary category without the backup of their parents. Such people are brought up by their Irresistible desires and the mentality of working hard to attain the goal.

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    Intellectual level of the pupils studying in the same class would certainly vary despite the best guidance of the teachers. It is because of the the potential of individual candidates only five percent of a particular class would show remarkable performance but others may not match with the same class. Fifty percent would show mediocre results and twenty percent would be the low performers and the rest being devoid of common intelligence.
    In the top performer segment, only 2 percent could think in the unique way so as to become world leader at the later stage. This has been seen in all the circumstances.

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    This is true, every human has some abilities and talents that make them different from normal. But sometimes some people do not recognize their talent and do not even trust themselves, in such situation, these people are often left behind in the race of life. But it is also true that some people get some special talent in the form of gifts from God, that is there are very few people who have it, perhaps they are capable of creating such an extra-ordinal image. In some people, their living conditions and their family background also play an important role.
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    It's a fact that most people come under the average category because it is quite natural as everybody can't be genius. In the hierarchy pyramid when we start going upwards the number of people starts decreasing and in the top slot, you will see only a few people. I think this fact can't be denied that DNA plays an important role in transmitting intelligence to upcoming generations. Generally, it is experienced if both parents are intelligent their children will also be intelligent and this process continues if the blood is not changed.
    Another reason is the affordability of expenditure. If the parents are rich and they raise their children in a healthy environment and give education in the best school, probably children will grow as intelligent. Most probably these children will deserve to go in the top slot of the hierarchy pyramid when they will have finished the formal education process. but in exceptional cases, some young guys may come from a deprived section also as they might be intelligent by birth.

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