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    What are the challenges of students living on rent outside of their homes?

    Today as a student who is living outside of his house, I felt that there are many problems with the student community having the same situation as me. If they are living in a hostel or paying guest houses then they have to eat different quality of food, and they might have to face economic problems as well as isolation problems.
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    I can understand the problems of those students who are forced to stay away from home in a hostel or room and pursue their studies for many reasons. In normal days itself one would feel the home sick within few days because living away from home and living with new friends who are not habituated yet and the main problem is with the food. Nothing can match the taste and quality of home food and we can demand from the mother to serve the tasty food daily. Where as the mess at the hostel or room would be of same food and we get bored with same quality and no improvement. One of my friend son who stayed in hostel and studied used to go out for any marriage happening in the function hall nearby the hostel and eat the food as if invited. Such was the vexed life for those who stay from home and during this covid period it is more challenging.
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    First time when I left my home to do my PG in a different place and took a room on rent sharing with one other person then there were suddenly a number of challenges like arranging Coal or Kerosine for cooking purposes, some basic utensils for cooking, one cot for sleeping, and then some other small arrangements. As the food in the hotels was not good as well as costly, the best option was to cook oneself. It took us 5-6 days to start cooking and as we had some experience already in that area, it was not a difficult job for us. Those 5-6 days we took food in a Vaishnav hotel which was supposed to be cheapest and best vegetarian food in the town for the students. As that town was an educational hub, the rooms were already earmarked for the students but we were given the rooms only up to the month of March as from April onwards up to June month the tourists came there and these rooms were converted to tourist accommodation. At least we did not have the hassle of living in the neighbourhood of the house owner as these rooms were scattered around. Today the situation is different and more facilities will be there for the students but basic thing that survive on ones own and isolation is a big issue and over and above that the corona threat is also looming and we have to take so many precautions. This is a tough phase of life but it is to be accepted and we have to struggle and pass it successfully.
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    In previous days hostel life or rented house system of living learning was very difficult. But now a days there are all such facilities in hostel like individual preferred homely food, entertaining breakfast or dinner are provided in many privately owned school authority. All enjoying facilities are available to study there in AC room also. But in our time those facilities were not made available at all and the modern children by only seeing the nature & quality of the then hostel room and bathroom would run away from there. Yes, during corona pandemic the situation become difficult now. Under the situation they are suffering a lot to stay outside from home. But it is likely going to be normal from the season 2021-22.
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    When the students are away from their homes and live in a rented room or hostel then it is entirely a different life as the comforts and cosiness of the home will not be there. Another important change is that if one falls sick then one has to take help of a friend for going to the doctor as no other person will be there to help them. So, first time out of the home is a very challenging phase.
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