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    Which page of of newspaper do you like to read first in your daily life?

    Hello all the respected members of India study channel family. Praising to God about your Wellness and safety I would like to start a healthy discussion on new and important topic which is that which page in a newspaper is our favourite for example I often read the sports page at 99% first, have you ever estimated about this common habit of human beings? please share your your favourite. newspaper page I think if you are are Public Service Commission, examination aspirant then it may be the page of editorial and if you are a housewife then it may be the Parivar section and many other conditions are possible we should be discussed.
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    I do not hurry up to read the newspapers. I take time to read from page one to the end page in an orderly manner. Generally, the front page gives the important and latest news. Every page of the newspaper they print has its importance and is being charged. Let us not differentiate the newspaper pages.
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    Presently there is no news paper reading habit with most of the public as we have been getting news alerts and headlines through the phones and computers. Moreover every news paper has the e edition and news would be recapped and added on the go. In that case it is difficult to choose which page first. But when we were getting The Hindu news paper some years back, I was reading their editorial first as the editors would come up with choicest headings and the contents were worth reading with new words. The Hindu headlines are non controversial and most of the elder persons even today prefer this news papers. But over the course of time and after the Bofors exposure, the paper suffered the serious set backs and even gone thin and I feel the sheen to read the news paper has been lost in the recent past. In few days the news papers may go extinct.
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    As the author points out, it seems that the current new generation only reads the sports page. The Malayalam newspaper Malayala Manorama ( the main Newspaper in Malayalam)has been coming to my house in my childhood since I can remember. The people of Kunnamkulam, my hometown, have a personal intimacy with that newspaper. (This is because Malayala Manorama, which was published from Kottayam, and when Sir CP Ramaswamy Iyer was the Diwan of Travancore, he banned the Manorama. But the very next day morning the newspaper was published from Kunnamkulam. Kunnamkulam was the hub of the printing industry of Kerala at that time.)
    Then reading that newspaper from childhood grew into a habit. Keralites have a habit of reading the newspaper with the bed coffee every morning. The first preference was to read the news on the front page. Then quickly go to the District page. It should also be remembered that radio was the only other medium to cover news and most of the local news will not reflect on the radio. If you ask the elders, you will understand that only important national and state news had a place on the radio. After reading the district page, go to the state news. After that only we get to the sports page. We used to read important news before going to school. It should be noted that this practice was not discontinued even during the examination period.
    But while the habit of reading the newspaper with a bed coffee cup still persists, the pleasant old experience of reading is lacking. Because of the commonness of TV. However, the press continues to read the news in more detail than what is available on TV news.
    But despite watching the whole sports game on TV, I see my son reading the sports page in the morning without leaving a single word. It's true that a day without a newspaper still really feels like laziness or a lack.

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    I love to read newspapers and I read the paper every day in the morning comfortably while giving the necessary time to every page. Nevertheless, I first like the national and the international given on the front page, then I see the news of the state level. In the end, I read my favorite page because I like to read it with a calm mind. My favorite newspaper is Dainik Bhaskar whose page "Abhivyakti" is my favorite page, which contains some articles and some motivational messages by various authors. On this page, I give maximum time, I also look at every small article in every column.
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    You have asked an interesting query and there was a time when first thing I was seeing was the comics strip belonging to Mandrake or Phantom but that practice somehow discontinued and I think the newspapers also had discontinued that. Then I switched to the editorial pages when I was preparing for some exams. Once I was in the job the I became more interested in the business section which is usually somewhere at the end of the paper. Lately, I am going through the main political news and other related items specially technology oriented items. So that is the historical perspective that how I was going through the newspaper from time to time. Happy to see you back again and more happy to find that you are able to spare some time out of your studies for contributions in ISC.
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    When I was in my 30s and 40s, I used to read the games page first. I used to read that page completely. Then I used to go to the Cinema page. I used to read that page also completely. After completing these two pages I used to read the remaining pages. Only headings I used to see and the details are seen only for the important news. The last item is the Editorial. But later I stopped reading the cinema page. The games page first and then the remaining. The last year, I almost stopped reading the newspaper. Only on a digital platform, I am seeing the news papers. I cover only important pages. Recently I thought I can start purchasing the print version of the newspaper. But still, I have not taken any decision on this.
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    Everyday a Hindi newspaper brings us news of the day. I like to see editorial page first., then move to other pages. Sunday newspapers has some good stuff. So, I like Sunday edition.
    But I prefer to read online newspapers. The wire, indian express, the Hindu, NDTV news, BBC and Al Jazeera are good to me.

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    Newspapers were once an essential item just like the morning coffee and breakfast, especially to Keralites. So I was also similarly addicted to reading newspaper immediately on waking up-even before cleaning teeth. If one day we did not get to read newspaper, we felt some blankness or emptiness and will try to read some newspaper either borrowing from the neighbour or going to a nearby barber shop.
    Immediately on getting the newspaper I read the front page headlines and then turn to back page and read headlines. Then I again come back and read the front page main news items and then proceed to other pages. It is the sports page and obituary page I used to read last or even ignore. Then by night when I need some time pass I read those pages too.

    Now the newspapers have become over biased and harp on sensationalism and gossip rather than real factful news. Many days I think of stopping newspaper. But Kerala being always Hartal prone, I need newspaper to know about the hartal matters and about local power shutdown, water supply shut down etc. Otherwise news can be read in internet sites on real time now.

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