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    The services to be rendered by petrol pumps are the right of the public. Don't abuse.

    Do you know about some of the services that petrol pumps in our country have to provide to the public for free? Drinking water, toilet facilities, first aid kits, phone calls, convenience of filling air in tires, and self-checking filter paper for petrol and diesel are the services which are to be provided by the pumps. Pumps should not charge for any of these. The pumps are licensed on the condition that they be provided to the public free of charge. We must take advantage of these services. It seems that many people are not aware of these facilities. That is why many petrol pumps charge for these services. Never abuse the services provided for free. We should definitely complain if the public is denied such services as should be provided free of cost.
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    I agree. But most of the petrol bunks doesn't have toilet facilities, drinking water which are most essential. Many local bunks within the city limits doesn't have them. Only the petrol bunks out side the city limit and on the high ways have the toilet facilities. No one charges for it. Free air is available in almost all the bunks, but the customers pay some tips to the air filling boys as a courtesy. When the Gas delivery boy can make a lot of money, why not the poor air filling boy in the petrol bunk?

    But petrol bunks manage to supply less fuel than the correct measurement. In one litre, they try and save 5 to 10 percent (50 or 100 ml) fuel.

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    Appreciate the author for creating a awareness on the services rendered by the petrol pumps and our rights to have it. But invariably the cited services are not available. For example the company owned company operated BPCL petrol pumps do have toilet facilities but it is kept locked for the public to use. At these petrol pumps the air filling place is pasted with bill board that air is free and do not give tips. But the air filling employee would be smiling to get something in return after the air was filled. And of course no one asks for the quality check and filter papers as mentioned by the author. What I feel that the courtesy of the petrol filling perons are not present. They would not properly listen as to how many liters of petrol and simply fill as per their convenience price. And most of the petrol pumps are having wrong caliberations.
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    Though there are provisions of many facilities like free nitrogen feeling in the tyres, toilet facilities, provision of drinking water and correct filling of petrol and diesel in the fuel tanks but many of consumers are not aware of the facilities being maintained in the Petrol Pumps. Air filling staffs would not oblige you unless you put some extra coins in their palms. While filling up the tanks with the fuel, you may sometimes notice under filling of your tank and this should be curbed at any cost especially when the price of the fuel products are spiralling.

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