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    Transparency and trust are the pillars of a sustained friendship

    Humans are gregarious by nature and require company to talk to people and to enjoy together the fun moments in their lives. Having good friends will definitely help in the matter and make the life a pleasing experience. At the same time what is required is good company and good friends and then only the togetherness will be warm and will be appreciated. There are some basic ingredients required for sustaining and surviving a friendship relation and two things that come to my mind are transparency and trust. If we are honest with our friends and have trust in them then the relationship becomes a life long relationship. What do the members think about this?
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    Trust and honesty are important for every relationship, whether the relationship is by birth or is formed by us after growing up, if the trust does not remain in the relationship then it does not last long. If that element of trust is lacking, then there is a lack of response towards oneself, it can be understood in such a way that if we are less confident about our own preparation then our expectation of success also decreases. By staying together or working together, trust is established. Over time this trust becomes stronger and the state of doubt ceases. But once a relationship of trust is formed when this trust is broken. Is there any doubt in this for any reason and due to not settling in time, it gradually increases, whether it is from parents, from husband, wife, other family members or from good friends.

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    A freindship which casually begins on the subdued note would convert into a big long standing relations, thanks to the transperancy and the trust that happens between the two. The trust develops if the behavior is good and and a strong belief if inculcated, otherwise there cannot be long understanding. Casual friends become too close after some days and they try to exchange personal information and there comes the close bonding between the two and that would last foreever. And the best friend is one who tries to live with our good and bad period of the life and thus gets into more understanding.
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    I think sustaining friendship is not an easy thing. It requires mutual respect, sacrifice, and concern for each other. If there is even a single element of selfishness or cheating then it cannot prolong. We had so many friends during our school days and after that also but out of that we have the continued relations only with a few with whom we feel comfortable and feel that we are like-minded.
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    It becomes really difficult to continue any relationship including the friendship if there is the lacking the element of trust and honesty in such a relationship. Though we may try hard to revive a relationship, it can no longer be sustainable if either of the party is interested for the strengthening the relationship. The essential condition to sustain the relationship is to respect the feelings of each other and there is no suppression of emotions from either of the parties. We could see a sudden break in the relationship due to mistrust. Hence a certain level of intelligence and sacrifice is always important to sustain the relationship.

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    Trust is very much required to have a friendship with another person. When you have no trust in the other person, you can't believe him. When there is no belief we can't have friendship with the other person.
    I had a good friend in my office. We used to move very close and we used to exchange many confidential issues with each other. We never disclosed its information to any third person. But after 3 or 4 years, I got a doubt that the other person is using the information for his benefit and telling confidential information to others. I lost trust in him. So we discontinued friendship. He tried to convince me in many ways that he has not done any such act. But I have no interest.
    The same thing may be happening with many other people also.

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    I agree with the author that friendship depends on trust and transparency. Friendship is a relationship that is formed by two different people and this bond is based on an unsigned pact which is stipulated in mutual understanding, confidence, commitment, tolerance, patience, equal social status. The burden of responsibilities falls on both people to keep this relationship intact. Once a breach of confidence and trust is contravened this relationship is seriously damaged and sometimes, the damage is too fatal to be redressed. But one thing that is important in this relationship that both friends should be considerate enough to keep secrets shared between them as undivulged, however, it is difficult to expect the kind of contravention of divulging when this confidence is broken.
    Transparency is a secondary thing about the friendship between two same-gender people but if friendship is between two opposite gender then transparency plays a more important role. Everything related to their friendship should be crystal clear.

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    Transparency and trust are two important pillars in all relationships, not just for friendships. That alone does not make it possible to maintain a completely long-term friendship. We must be good listeners if we are to maintain good friendships. A mindset of listening to what a friend or loved one in our relationship has to say and responding positively to it is also essential to maintaining a long-term relationship.
    A true friend and mentor are one who discovers the potential of those around him, respects and encourages their abilities.

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