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    For some the happiness should be continous and happening

    Being always happy cannot be possible and our life is not designed nor destined to happen without challenges and short comings. Not knowing this universal truth some wants the life should be smooth, without any hurdles, without any hickups , without any sad moments and without any problems. If every one thinks on the same line, then there is no charm in life. By the all days may not be favourable to us and we are bound to get negative impact or even nothing for which we must be ready to embrace the situation.
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    If there is no sadness we can not enjoy happiness. Life is full of different colours. Sometimes, we are happy and sometimes we are sad. Sometimes we enjoy good moments and sometimes we moan on bad monemnts. If anybody wants to live happily he can live if he has positive aspect of every event which happens in his life. Even sorrows will not affect him much. I have seen some people of this sort. One of my relative who is no more now. He can be called as a role model for all. He never told the people even while facing bad patches. People knew about him that he is in serious problems but he never complained to people nor he asked them to help him. He took every challenge in his life bravely and found solutions of his problems himself.
    It is fact if you cry before people for your problem they will listen to your grievances attentively but on your back they will share it with other people and some of them may laugh at you too.

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    Set backs, adversaries, bad times etc are part of our lives and we are affected by them to a great degree. There are some people who are brave enough to tolerate and withstand those times and keep their face smiling and it is, I think, a great gift of God to them if such a composure can be maintained by them. Most of us will be in panic just by some small disturbances in our lives and start crying.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Yes, without sadness life is not enjoyable as sorrow and happiness come after another. But actually nobody is happy in the society. Everyone wants to be happy but people often forget to laugh because of the complexities of the surrounding environment. People want to get all they want for happiness, running all the day to get them and at the end of the day they find emptiness and become dishearten. Because they are looking for the wrong place to be happy.
    If you don't learn to love yourself, you won't be able to love others. To be happy we should spend some time of the day alone for ourselves to get out of the constant negativity around us. Planning ahead is not a bad idea, but always thinking about it unnecessarily can kill our happiness, our well-being etc. If you can put a smile on the face of another, you will always have a smile on your face. Listen to those who want to tell you something, even if you can't solve their problems, try to give them a little peace of mind. Look at those who look at your house every day and wonder if they had a house like this. Understand what you have and be happy with that. It is necessary to keep a distance from those who obstruct you, disrespect your faith and always give only stress. Hence we all are running towards happiness and can get a little of its only if maintain the above regulations in our life.

    Believe in the existence of God the super power.

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