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    Your eyes tell the real feelings of your words.

    Nowadays, when all the faces are mostly covered behind masks, then we are using the eyes of the person for the most first to recognize them. Many times we recognize our known people even they are applying masks. Eyes have always been a great medium of communication for us, sometimes we also say great talks with our eyes only, and our special ones also understand our gestures. Has a person been really happy to meet you or is he just talking about being happy, in both the situations we can understand with the eyes of the person. Eyes tell a lot but we should understand this language.
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    Nice post from the author. It is a fact that eyes play important role in our communication and some have the knack of conveying the things through eyes. In the dramas played on the television and if that is accompanied by dance then the expression of eyes makes more words than the actions through the body. In this regard, my thoughts go to Kathakali dancers of Kerala who have expressive eyes, do not move their body and yet convey great meanings to the understanding level of the audience. And it is the pleasure to watch such expressive eyes making move and the audience gets into rapt silence.
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    Yes, by looking at the eyes of others we can understand many things. It can be understood from the eyes whether the person is serious or not. Eyes also reflect the emotional state of a person. Though there are people who can hide things, those who are expert in reading the face can guess that the other person is trying to hide something.

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    Interesting post. I would say that our eyes are the reflections of as what is going inside us and one can easily make out that by seeing the gestures of our eyes. Eyes have all the strange ways of representing things and we see that fact in the various emojis also. Just by seeing the enlarged eyes, closed eyes, winking eyes, and many other intermediate forms a lot about the intention and expression of the concerned person is known.
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    Eyes can't hide the feelings. Even though we are talking happily, our eyes will tell the state of our mind to the other person. Sometimes we may be forced to hide our feelings. Such times we will not talk actually about what we are feeling or thinking. We will try to speak something different. But eyes will not change as per our talk. They will show our actual emotions and feelings.
    Sometimes we feel very angry with others, especially with bosses. So we will not show our anger to them. Then we will try to hide our anger. So to manage our eyes in such a situation will become very difficult. We have to have a lot of control.

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    Eyes reveals all hidden feelings. You may read what he or she intends to say or what he /she pretends to hide. It looks quite interesting sometimes, someone is tolerating kind of anger for any reason, his or her face expressions are also in control but eyes will reveal what is inside his /her heart.
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