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    Love cannot be quantified

    Is love a measurable commodity? Can it be quantified when talking about loving somebody more than another person?

    The word "love" is a powerful emotional term in our life. It can concur many things in our society. Just by using this, one can be famous in society. We all know less or more about this term. But sometimes we compare by simply saying that my dad loves me better than my brother. So in this sense, it is quantifiable. But is it really measurable, I think love never be a "less love" or "more love" object and not measurable. What is your opinion, let's share.
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    I think love can be quantified by the way of our behavior by us on the others. It can be just love, it can be less love, it can be average love and it can be wholesome love. Just love is the casual way of approach and saying I love you withount any attachment of emotional quotient. Less love is something which is quantified as such because there is less attraction between the two. And the average is something which many do and stick to their proposals of living with together. And the wholesome love is something a do or die situation for lovers who cannot think of seperation at any cost.
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    All human opinion about love is different. This is because the definition of love is different in everyone's life like someone loves their country, someone loves their parents, some loves their brother Behen and some loves their friends. The different forms of love have different definitions and different expectations. If we talk about a mother's love, then definitely she may not want anything in return, but if we are talked about other relations, then different standards are found to measure love. So sometimes we can say love can be quantified by different measures of feelings and emotions.
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    Any emotion can't be measurable. Some may express it openly and some may not. We can understand the intensity of the affection they show.
    I know a couple in Visakhapatnam. The husband was a professor . The wife was housewife.. The professor retired. After marriage they lived together for about 70 years. The husband died at his 90th year. Immediately after knowing that her husband was no more, she was also dead. They loved each other so much and she thought that she can't live without her.

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    Love is based on human sentiments and it is said that if you love a person or that person loves you then both will ignore each other's shortcomings and accommodate each other. Love can be between any two persons not necessarily husband and wife. Two sisters can love each other deeply. Some children love their parents so much that they cannot imagine life without them. Some friends are in love and it is a lifetime relationship. Love is such a strange feeling that you like the company of the person with which you are in love irrespective of all the odds whatever there are. That is why it is sometimes called that love is blind. Love is an abstract thing and generally, there is no tangible scale to measure it except less love or more love. If a person is having two sisters he may love one more over the other and that is all as far as the quantification is considered. In general, love has no unit like many physical characteristics.
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    Love is an emotional factor. It does not seem to be possible to measure it accurately. Many people think that one's love can be measured by his/her expression. Those who see it and those who experience its effects may sometimes feel that one's love for two people in the same position is on two levels (more or less). The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about what the reasons are is that what was seen and experienced was not love and that was care. There is often a misunderstanding between care and love. The gesture one who say that have seen and the above 2 persons experienced are two different levels of care. There can be fluctuations in the expression of love. Some fathers may not express their love to their children as they feel. But when children have a hard time, they lose sleep and become dumb. why the father becomes distressed? This means that some people may not know how to express their love outside. Some may have thought that children could not be worthless by showing much love. One may have misunderstood that their father loves him more than others because he cares a little more for one of his children who are weak. Some of the children have their actions are harsh and the father may treat them a little harshly. So can we be sure that the Father does not love him? No. Therefore, although many of the gestures we have seen are thought to be love, it is not really often an expression of love, it can only be an expression of care.

    One more thing to keep in mind at this point. It is the great reality that care can only come from a loving mind.

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    Suppose love is quantified. In that case, what will be the unit of love? Is it Kg, Litre, or GB? There is no such unit to measure love and therefore it is not possible to quantify love. Emotion cannot be measured but we can control our emotions. The author has mentioned about love between parents and siblings where one sibling thinks that the father loves the other one more. This is because the sibling might have observed that the other is given more preference by the parents. In this world, love and expectations are very much interconnected. Some expectations, however small it may be, from each other, always remains. When one's expectation is not fulfilled she/he begins to think that the amount of love is less. Interestingly, the expectations of each one are different and each one thinks differently about love.

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    love I believe can not be measured and quantified like a commodity, sometimes love makes a person goes to the extreme to the level to sacrifice the most precious thing they have like their life or can also make them beasts by taking someone's life. So love often transgressed any and every boundary of measurable length when it is truly felt. Like parents love specifically mother's love of whom we were once a part of. A soldier's love for his country when he commits supreme sacrifice to protect his land. Can we really quantify such love? I don't think so.
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    Can love be quantified? It's difficult to say. Love is a kind of intangible feeling which is based on emotions and sentiments and these sentiments are easily hurt if this love is drowned in deep emotions. The other person can't realise how his partner's love
    deep is. The only way is the way of expression which keeps it growing immensely. The nature of love differs between two people and this nature can't be expressed in words too. A father loves his daughter whereas the same father loves his wife, the nature of love is different and the same may be said about love between a mother and a son and the same mother and her husband. The basic difference between these two is platonic and non-platonic feelings for each other.
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