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    Is online treatment can be a good option?

    As digitization has increased, its impact has been seen in every field to a large extent, it has provided the convenience of the people. Food items, clothes shopping, home furnishings, communication with loved ones, office work, meetings, etc., there is no field where we cannot take advantage of the online facility. With the same digitization, the facility of online treatment is also available these days, with the help of which any patient can consult their favorite doctor online to solve their problem. But would this be considered an appropriate method of treatment?

    As a general matter, we all consult our familiar physician when we are sick, but sometimes the situation may be of emergency, perhaps then online treatment is taken.

    Members, what do you think, does online treatment prove to be as effective as an offline treatment. Will, the common people in the future give priority to online treatment in the same way as they prefer online shopping? Please share your views.
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    When we have some sickness we may go to a doctor. We will tell him the problem and answer the questions asked by him. He will examine us. He may test BP and he may see the pulse etc. Then he may advise us some clinical tests and then prescribe the medicine. But if it is online consulting the personal testing will be missing. The doctor has to depend on the words of the patients. If they are not able to communicate properly the doctor may not understand the extent of the problem they are facing. He can not physical test them. Except this point, online and offline consultation are same. Online consultation is good for the government. Whatever consultation fees a doctor is getting by treating online will be white only and he has to pay tax on full amount. So tax payable by him will be more and he can' hide the money he is receiving.
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    Now that the feel good factor by touching the patient and knowing the disease is gone, the online consulting is taking its importance and many doctors have opened their consultations at minimal rate and prescribing the good medicine based on the video sent by the patient and patiently hearing the same the doctor sends in the prescription through the whats app and that is approved by medical shops for giving medicine. This way both patients and doctors are availble to be benefited and there is no visiting to any place or clinic and thus the after follow is also done very easily and get connected.
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    Nowadays, there are many portals where some doctors are available and one can consult them through video chat. The fee also can be paid online and they will prescribe medicines also and can also ask for some tests if required. So, it is now possible to have that type of consultation online. Only thing is that the doctor should be able to make out all the symptoms through that video observation. Another thing is that generally in the physical inspection, doctor will take BP and temperature or anything like that and those things help him for better diagnosis. In online, he will ask us to give that information so definitely there are some bottlenecks but in absence of any physical inspection possibility, online prescription will be alright.
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    The author has raised this issue which is already in practice, she has enquired if we should consult a doctor for online treatment, I agree that it is very much possible but the doctor himself must be expert in online treatment, else going to his clinic for treatment is the best way, instead of taking any risk.
    Dr Mehran Anvari, St Joseph's Hospital in Hamilton, Canada, is an expert in telesurgery. He can control a robot surgeon while sitting before his laptop in any other country, slicing, stitching and removeing bits of the body. He's carried out more than 20 operations so far, including colon operations and hernia repairs. But every doctor doesn't have this expertise. Time is changing. Now surgery is performed by robots also. But robotic surgery is risky because there is vast difference between a man and machine.
    I heard about a neurosurgeon of J.N.Medical College, Aligarh that he visits around the world for brain surgery. He can control his team in O.T. while sitting in any other country.

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