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    Let your friends be children

    Normally we think of having friendship with those who are of our equivalent education or age but we would keep low with lesser or more aged persons. What I feel that instead of spending more time with the family and friends we should spend more time with the children because we would be instrumental in changing the character and mind set of children who are bound to change their stance now and then. By helping others they may not remember us but when we bring up children they would be ever grateful to us when they grown big and achiever.
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    I have seen many old and senior citizens having very friendly and good relations with the children and these children in turn in many cases like them more than their parents. So, it is possible to have friendliness with the tiny tots also and not necessarily with the grown ups.
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    Many children like to be good with senior citizens as they entertain them by telling good stories and other interesting topics. My granddaughter is closer to me than to her father as I tell him stories and take her here and there whenever a chance comes. I tell her good stories and she likes them. The same thing happens in many houses. My grandfather used to have many children around him always and he used to be very friendly with children.
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    A very good suggestion given by the author. When we spend our time with children, for that time we forget about many stressed things of our life. Children have a very pure heart and they are really innocent, so it could be a reason to feel happy with them. I have a joint family and have five kids at my home only, they all are from different age groups 4 to 15 years. I always spend my time with them and I actually utilized this time, when I answer some of their questions, I really found that I am also learning too basic and moral values while advising them.
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    Children are little angels. They are cute and innocent. I don't think we should not spend our time with our family members and relatives, however, when we have children around us we should give good teachings to them. Playing with them is also good but children like to play with children. Generally, they don't play elderly or old peoole. If elderly people give them some chocolate or toffee or packet of biscuit it makes them closes to aged people.
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