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    I like a National Party, but don't like a Regional Party. What to do?

    Dear Members,
    I like a National Party, but I don't like a Regional Party. Now the same National Party is having alliance with the same Regional Party. I want to vote for the National party for Assembly election, but I don't want to vote for the Regional Party. What to do now? Should I vote or should I not vote, and go for NOTA. Your advice please.
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    You like a National party and that indicates irrespective of the policies they formulate, even if it is not development-oriented, you will like the party and vote for that party in all the elections. Are you going to listen to any advice in that case? Is it only about National or Regional parties and not any manifesto or issues? I used to think that elections are fought based on specific issues but many people just think the other way. The party is still the deciding factor and not the candidates or the manifesto and that's what the political parties are taking advantages of. You are voting for someone because you find their activities and manifestos promising. If it is not then also the option is provided to you not to select anyone.

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    This is the catch 22 situation for some voters in the state where they want a national party to rule them in the state and unfortunately the regional party would take the chance to win and thus the voter feels betrayed. I do understand that we want to send strong candidates for the state and the Parliament from the state but when the alliances takes place before polls we are left with no choice but to sail with the arrangements thus arrived. Even in Telangana we are very much happy with the TRS doing the best work so far but at the same time we cannot send TRS MP;s to the Parliament as we want strong party at the center which already came to power and proved their mantle. In this case also the voter of TN are duty bound to select their local MLA as per merit and wait for the Parliament elections to cast their right vote.
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    India is a country with so many variations in way of life, language, and culture from one region to other that we cannot ignore the local or regional parties who are surviving on the sentiments and aspirations of the people belonging to that area. It is not regionalism but it is the question of identity. Every corner of the country wants to see its presence in the mainstream activities of the country and if due to some reasons they cannot figure prominently in the national parities and national forums then they have the only alternative left to form a local or regional party and prosper through that route. So, whether we like a party or not we have to keep it in mind that regional parties also have an important role in shaping the national politics through alliances and coalitions and we have to take them in confidence and also take their existence in cognisance. That is the only way to progress ahead. This is the unity in diversity for which India is well known in the international arena.
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    If you like a National party and that party makes a friendship with a regional party which you don't like, how can you like that National party also. Definitely, there should be some points which will be different between the two parties. That only might have made you differentiate between the two. Now the National Party's action of making a party which is not worth as per your opinion. In such a case, I will not vote for that National party also. I prefer Vote to somebody else that is the second-best in my opinion. Otherwise, NOTA is the best option.
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    Take this example. You like some sweet say Payasam or Kheer. But you do not like the cashew or Badam put in it for taste or decoration. What will you do when such a Payasam or kheer is served?

    The Cashew or Badam do not by themselves make the Payasam or Kher. They are there for giving some extra taste or appearance. It gives the payasam some additional attraction and value.

    So what you will do is take out the badam or cashew and savour the Payasam. Or for the time being, you will just ignore the few pieces of cashew or badam and consume the Paysam as such thinking that in the next serving you will ask the server to filter out the cashew or Badam and serve. If it was in your house, you would ask your wife not to add them in Payasam. But here you don't have that much command, hence you have to make a compromise in the overall 'liking and taste'.

    The same can said about a dish like Sambar where yo do not like one vegetable added to it.

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    Enlightened voters decide which party to vote for based on each party's governing skills and their manifesto, and what percentage of the manifestos they put forward in previous elections have been implemented. In addition, the public involvement and social acceptance of the candidate of that party will also be considered as an important factor. They also check that where that candidate stands in the current major trend of corruption. Although we have a party in the general interest, the acceptance of the candidate is an important factor.
    Here in Kerala, it is election time for the State Assembly. Only 20-25 percent of the voters here regularly vote for a party. It can be said that up to 40 percent of the rest cast their votes by looking at the above performance of the party and the candidate. The remaining 25-30% will go after publicity and the current trend of the public and rumors. Political parties have an idea that it is easy to bring this last section in favor of their party.

    There are three types of reactions in elections reflecting here.
    More than 50 percent of voters are influenced by the candidate's excellence and acceptance in local government elections. But the impact on the elections to the State Assembly and the Lok Sabha can be seen, as mentioned earlier. Only party candidates with roots in most states in India win the Lok Sabha elections.

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    The author seems to be in dilemma about choosing his option to vote or not and the reason he has mentioned that he likes a national party but he does not like a state regional party with which this national party has an alliance. I don't think it's a big issue but despite he has asked for suggestions from members of the forum. I would like to suggest to him that first, he should come out of this dilemma and the second step is that he should not like or dislike any political party rather he should see which candidate is good and deserves his vote. He should go for the best candidate contesting from his constituency.
    India is the largest Democracy in the world. Our democratic system is, absolutely, great though but We still follow emotional issues based on religion, caste, language and region. If a candidate of our caste is contesting from our constituency we will vote for him even this candidate has a criminal record, on the contrary, if a much better candidate is also contesting from the same constituency but as he does not belong to our caste we will not vote for him. Now the questions are what the real meaning or purpose of democracy is. Why we have many MPs and MLAs with a criminal background and Who elected them? Are political parties not responsible for giving them party tickets?
    We need maturity in a democratic system of governance.

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    Dear Members,
    It is Assembly election to choose a party to power. Generally, in Tamilnadu, only regional parties come to power with national parties as their alliance partners.
    In my case, I have (1) A regional party that I like is having alliance with a national party that I don't like. (2) A regional party that I don't like having alliance with a national party I like.

    Since it is to choose a government by a regional party, I decided to vote for (1) a regional party that I like and has alliance with a national party that I don't like.

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