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    Which tasks to attempt first, the difficult one or the easier?

    In our daily lives, there are many tasks that we find difficult. Not everything is easy and there are many tasks that require more attention and time. The more difficult task you handle the more is your experience and it can be said it is applicable to all aspects. Now how to attempt doing a difficult task, in the beginning, or later? When you are writing an exam are you going to attempt the difficult questions in the beginning and answer the easier ones later? If you do this, more time will be spent on solving the difficult parts and you may not be able to finish the paper in time. Therefore, in exams, it is always advisable to finish the easier parts first and then attempt the questions that you find difficult. But is it the same in other situations in life? We don't have ample time to do things but it is not like writing exams all the time which is time-bound. In many cases, it happens that we do not try the difficult things and provide various excuses for not doing it and keep on doing things that are easy. The difficult things remain undone. But if we concentrate on doing the difficult one first, we will have the tendency to finish the difficult one rather than providing excuses which will in turn make us experienced. So, when it is not time-bound it is better to attempt the difficult ones in the beginning.
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    Decide the importance of the task, whether it is an easy or difficult task, to be completed. Each task would have a result at the end. We should know the value of the end result and the time required to complete the task. Therefore give priority to the task to be performed taking the time and its importance into consideration.
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    In general, if it some public case, it can be said without any doubt that the easiest things are done first. The easiest ones are the ones that are done first in order to say that more issues have been resolved. But if it is a matter of one's own family, the problems are first classified as necessary, urgent, and not urgent and the essentials are done first. No matter how much time it takes or how hard it is because it is essential, it must be done first. Since there is no element of necessity for other things, they will be considered only after the essential subjects.
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    I always encouraged myself and my children including those who sought my advise that attepting the tasks which are easy and going must be attempted first so that we can ease off the pressure and the task and by doing so we are almost half way through of the achievement. We know the difficult tasks are going to consume our time and to which we are not prepared and ready. The attempt would be with half heart and no knowledge and therefore we may fail or even get lesser achievement and if we club both together we are already passed the situation. When we attempt the difficult task first we are already in the mood off position and we further confront with problems and no solution found then we are running out time for the easy tasks which we never attempted or seen. So best to go for easy tasks and then to the difficult ones.
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    That depends. When there are different works on hand which are to be attempted first is a big question. There are different thoughts and ways. Priorities are to be decided.
    In all the manufacturing industries many people follow the 6 sigma concept. This concept tells us about low lying fruits. When we go to a tree for plucking the fruits we will pluck the fruits which we are able to catch easily. Then only we will go for other fruits. In the same way, this concept says, complete the works which can be completed easily. That will show some improvement in working and we will have some motivation also. This is a very widely followed concept in the industry.
    But when the works are to be completed against a target date, we should plan that all the works are completed by that date. So we may have to start multi-tasking.

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    When I have more than one job, I work by giving importance to two things, first of all, I will do the work first which has more priority and I will list the work on the basis of that. If all the work is of equal priority, then I would like to do the work first which takes less time because the work of less time will be completed quickly and as each work gets completed, confidence increases and our efficiency also. While working for me, I do not have the choice of like or dislike, or easy or difficult of work because doing so reduces interest in work. When we are given some work, we are expected to do it, we should do it.
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    I will do and I will suggest that we attempt the easiest first. The reason and logic I give below.

    Achievement of goal or completion of task is important. It is human nature that success motivates and begets more success.

    In our school years itself we are advised to attempt the easier questions first and then attempt the difficult and not-sure question answers.

    If we attempt the easiest first then we get a feeling of part success and completing a part of the task. So we feel that the goal is more near. Like that if we go on attempting and finishing or completing the tasks in the order of their ease and our expertise, then our achievement will be progressive and we will feel more self confident which is again a driving force and motivator for further attempt and success.

    There is a story connected to the popular King Marthandavarma of erstwhile Travancore Kingdom. He was facing defeat and he took asylum in an old woman's home in disguise. He introduced himself as a traveler and sought food as he was hungry. The old woman served him food. He was very hungry and the food was oven hot. He put his hand in haste and it burned and he immediately withdrew the hands. Seeing this the old woman said in Malayalam "Aruveenu aruveennu.." which means that start from the edges.
    The disguised King immediately realised some very important advice from that. Till now he was attacking the capitals of enemies. So he was defeated. Now he understood that he should start from the nearest borders and progress towards the centre. After finishing food he immediately rushed out and practised what he learned from the old woman.
    The story goes that he won and after returning he rewarded the old woman profusely.

    This also teaches us that we should attempt what is easy first and complete them immediately and then progress towards the difficult tasks.

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    Hi, At one phase all tasks are difficult but they become easy after numerous trials and errors. In my perspective, easy tasks are those which are now mechanical, and hard are those which are non-mechanical. Difficult tasks require more time to evolve easier after practice. Therefore, it is necessary to divide the difficult task into sub-tasks. By doing this, there will be no hindrance in daily work. Accomplishing sub-tasks one by one is very crucial and easy. It is similar to that you are learning to drive. In the beginning, it is very difficult to drive. So we divide the learning technique into several parts. First, we learn only the steering part, then the gear part and the judgment part, etc. In the end, we not only learn to drive, but all the work gets done very easily. So It is not essential whether you choose to do the difficult task in starting or not. It is the nature of the difficult task to take its course of time of completion so it is better to do it little by little.

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    We can apply the same method in life as we do in exam. However, since life has many tasks which of different aspects. So, in life, we need to list the tasks as per their priority. Then among that, you can complete the easier ones first and then go for the difficult task.

    Also, you should keep in mind while solving the difficult task that you should have the confidence that you will be able to complete the task by spending time and hard work. There can be some tasks that we may not be able to complete easily or we may stop due to some obstacles. So if you are sure that the task would be completed without any hurdles, then attempt that one first.

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    In our lives we have a complex composition of tasks and it is natural that some of them will be very easy while others difficult and some of them even could be very tough and difficult and one has to think twice to take up them as they would require more concentration, time, and efforts. Today we are living in an age of multitasking and we cannot cling to one task and spend unlimited time in it. Time is the essence of everything and we have to set our priorities in our lives and schedule accordingly. Easier tasks can be completed anytime subject to the availability of flexibility of time for that. I can a play a game or do a fun activity later also in the afternoon if I have some urgent work to do right now. So urgency of the purpose masks the level of the tasks sometimes. Depending upon the relative importance, availability of time, and our competence and ability to attend and complete the job are the main factors which decide as which job we will take up first.
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    We could have different assignments including easy and tough tasks to be completed within a fixed schedule. Hence we need to prioritise the tasks to be done according to its timings. The best way would be to undertake such tasks needing less time in its completion. In that way we may be psychologically satisfied of having completed some chores to be done from our end. This will help us in starting the tough assignments with some notes of relief of achievement of some of the assignments. The tough jobs might be time consuming but we would concentrate on such jobs with the full attention since the easier ones have been completed and for the same, their concentration will remain focused on the tougher tasks. May be within the same day, some tougher tasks might be left but majority of easy one has been completed. Reversing the priorities could result in omission of easier tasks which could have been otherwise disappointing.

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    I think it depends upon the importance of the task. If it is the priority in our lives then there is no way to escape and we have to take it up in spite of however difficult it is. Easier and less important jobs can be taken up at ease.
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    The author has raised this issue that which work should be done first- easy or difficult. I think it depends on the situation. The main criterion of performing a task should be the urgency of a particular task and all the tasks or work should be prioritised accordingly.
    Doing easy work is preferable to a difficult one. It encourages a doer Moreover, the list of task is also shrunk which lessen the burden of responsibilities. A difficult task requires more time than an easy one. When all easy tasks are performed first, psychologically it gives confidence and it facilitates to get the difficult task performed easily as the person has full time to finish it.

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