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    Old is truly a mine of knowledge

    After I logged in to this site today, I thought to go through the 'My Threads' section. Although I joined this site in June 2014, I started contributing almost from the last quarter of 2018. Today while going through all my threads, various emotions cuddled me. Every write-up of mine enriched me with the experiences I went through: the winning pieces instilled a little more confidence in me, some taught me not to lose hope, and a few of the write-ups indicated that they needed some improvement in English and the style of writing too. Interestingly, the prose pieces taught me about myself better. After reading a few, I sincerely loved my usage of words and language skill which made me pat my back. Contrarily, some writings seemed too simple to make an impact on the readers. In totality, going through my work was full of lesson. It showered with emotional and technical teaching, so I feel it is apt to say old is gold. It is truly a mine of a variety of knowledge from which a person can only become better and better in every respect.

    What's your opinion? Do you read your old writings, and have you gone through a similar experience? Share your experience.
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    So true that old can be said a mine of knowledge. Every time I go through my old diaries it reminds me of all the experiences I have gone through whether positive or negative they have made me what I am. So even if I find a mistake I feel proud about how I got over them, How I learned through all of that.

    I read somewhere that if you place scented flowers in the pages of a book while you read a book and then open it after years and years that scent will take you back in the time when you placed it, so similar is the experience of reading one's old experiences whether normal writings or memoirs.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    It is the fact that when we visit the old threads of our own we try to get amused, laugh and even ponder over as to how we created the threads, how we answered the posts and how the thought process emanated to win the rewards and awards were bestowed on us. When we probe ourselves about the writing of the past we an surely infer many things including the formation of heading that could have been more attractive than what was submitted earlier, the content could have been more refined with further more details to the hilt and further more we should have responded to those good replies to our post which we missed by oversight. All these things are corrective steps through which we have scope for improving with self assessment and we need not wait for the others to point out our miss and omissions done.
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    I did it long back I think. It is more than 2 years since I did that exercise. Now after reading this post I am thinking to find some time to go through my old postings here and evaluate my performance, especially how it changed over a period of time.
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    Sometimes, I go through them just to have a glimpse of my past writings and sometimes I go there to see some reference so that I need not to invent the wheel again and again. It has really helped me to get my old notes on a topic and then use it for my new modified post. As regards articles, I go through them for assessing whether they need some update or overall as on today and most of the time though I find that nothing much could be done but at times I find that there is good scope to do so and I was benefited many times with that activity. Peeping into one's creative past is always a matter of pleasure as well as learning.
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    The author has posted an interesting thread. This is completely true. I have not spent much time on ISC but still, I have learned a lot of new things here in a short time. I have posted about 400 threads and since I am very junior and learning something from all the senior authors here, I often visit my old threads to check my improvement, it is a really fun experience when I read my own old threads and recognize mistakes made by me in it. We actually learn a lot from our own mistakes and I feel my new experience every day here gives me new learning.

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    I don't see back what I have posted on the forum however, sometimes, it looks and feels good to go through all past writings. We can evaluate our performance and may improve further too.

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    It gives a great feeling to revisit our old threads and inspires us to contribute more to the site. It also provide us with the opportunity to learn from our past experiences and move on to improve where we are weak. It is always amazing to see our past work and see some impactful writing and some needs improvement in grammar and sentence construction. I also returned after some time on the site and went straight into my past contribution which gives a good feeling and inspires me to contribute more.

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