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    How do you feel when you are thinking about something and boom it is everywhere?

    In today's world when data is becoming something to be bought and sold, we don't even know how our data is being used, who is using it and for what purpose. But if for example, you searched something on google a simple query regarding some product and boom suddenly it is everywhere you are on the net whether it is a Facebook account, Instagram and even an advertisement on youtube videos. how do you feel about it? don't you feel you are being continually watched and survelianced does it make you feel insecure in any way or you just ignore such things.
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    This is the valid post raised by the author and I always felt that my words and contents are being watched and hijacked on the internet and the same was even reported in this forum some time back. Right from the log in and to the log out we are being asked for the saving of the pass word and content etc. That means every activity done on the computer or phone connected to internet is closely watched. Moreover our where about are also traced and recorded by the google thanks to their location GPRS system. This way the data what ever we are sharing across the internet for one reason or the other is being saved by some one or the the other and passed on to the required clients without even knowing to us. The internet is closely watching about our activities and that makes easy for the law enforcing agencies to catch the wrong doers easily.
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    It is true that our data is there in the social media and people know about us by seeing our profile and all sort of such things. The interesting thing is that we have ourselves given it there and now how can we say that it is not to be seen by others. For example, in Facebook it says that give your school where you studied and then find your old classmates with whom you are not connected. So, these things lure people to give their data and once it is given it is in public domain.
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    There is nothing to feel. Once we start using the internet, the data pertaining to us like which sites we visit, what are our preferences while buying online, with whom we are interacting, and many more details are gathered by the search engines, and the data is stored. This data is used for what advertisements we should get and many other commercial purposes. In a way, our life on the net is an open one. The Aadhar card data is also being used. The political parties gather our information regarding our views and use them to plan their strategies. The internet, the CCTV track our movements. In a way there is not much private space is left for us.
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    The data of internet users is tracked by many and use for their benefit. What for they use? It depends on different people use in different ways. We should be careful in using the internet and we should not keep unnecessary data on all sites. We should not browse unsecured sites. We should be more careful with our financial data.
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    Today we are in an era of digital marketing and techniques to map the customer's interest and choices and for doing that the personal data, location, and interests are used regularly to feed the appropriate material on our screens. It is happening in a global scale and we may not be knowing where we are but our coordinates are perfectly monitored in the web. Many times I get a message from Google Map that I had visited such and such places in my town. I do not remember all those places but actually I had gone there and from the GPS everything is found out.
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    Internet is not secure for users. What we post on social media platforms may be misused. We should not share personal information especially photographs on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram. I think that girls should never post their personal videos and photographs on social media. What we write on different forums is also under surveillance. I was an active member of a European forum. Some of the members posted their extreme views on the forum. Later they were arrested by police and their posts were used as evidence in the court. And all members were advised by the admin to be careful about posting on the forum.

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