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    Skill enhancement has to take place during the educational phase itself

    The pursuit of education is a long process. It usually takes 18-20 years for a child to start his education and then finish it with some final degrees either academic or professional one. During this time a person is involved mostly in the theoretical part of the education though a part of that comprises of practicals also but that is too little as compared to the technological advancements that we are observing in the world today. So, what happens is that a person does not develop the commensurate skills during the educational career and it is also true that may be the education system requires a revamping in that aspect. The point is that for a successful career in addition to the academic achievements, commensurate skill enhancement has also to take pace during the educational phase itself to make it a complete experience and then only the person can move ahead in his career in a better way. Please give your opinion on this.
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    The much-discussed subject on this forum. I want the author to clarify what skills need to be imparted? In what way the education system needs to be revamped? The discussion will be meaningful if these two points are clarified.
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    Actually during the united AP, we had the skill development courses in the classes 8th to 10th and after that those who have qualified the same are taken in to ITI and thus given the specialized training. The course like fitter, turner and machine works are inclusive. Most of them who have less interest on studies got immensely benefited and even kept their own workshops. But over the course of time the Engineering entrance has taken place and the persons need to quality with good marks in Intermediate and thus skilled workers have gone thin or missing. It is better to start the same in school levels.
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    Skills are essential to have more chances of getting a job. Instead of teaching theory and making them byheart the lessons and reproduce in the examinations, if we train the student in any trade he can even earn by working on his own. A person who passed X class may not get a job or can't do anything on his own. But a person we obtained the skill of tailoring, if there is no job also, he can start his own tailoring shop and earn his livelihood.
    These days we are feeling the shortage of technicians who help us in getting the repair works done in our houses. We will not get a plumber easily and an electrician also for any works. If an electrician comes and attends the work minimum we have to pay him is Rs.500/-. If he can daily attend two works he can earn up to Rs,1000/-. These skills should be obtained by the individual when he was in his teens so that he can learn them fast and become a skilled person.

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    Skill development schemes are being implemented through many channels. The Government of India and the State Governments are running these skill development programs through many channels . Under the Corporate Social Responsibility, various companies are offering skill development. I do not feel there is any need to make them a part of the curriculum. The education system is revamped from time to time in consultation with the industry. This is in practice for more than 20 years.
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    Nowadays the syllabus is better than earlier times and more practicals and skill elements are included in the institutions. The project work and internship further help in this matter but still we are far away from the skill based basic education which helps in getting jobs just after doing class X or XII. As such opportunities are not there the students go on pursuing blindly the academic education till MSc/MTech/MBA etc.
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    Both skill development and professional knowledge are important factors in today's world, which are very important for the development and growth of human beings. But for both of them, responsibility should not be just on any institution or community of society. Every person should be promoted skill development and professional knowledge at his own level, only then will the desired result be achieved.
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    While being a part of an educational institute a student is not expected to have adherence to skills development program because our curriculum is not as such which attaches him to any skill development program. We have technical institutes where a student can be a part of skills development programs. Various programs are available in different such institutes. But our social environment is as such that doesn't encourage young generation to pursue technical knowledge this is why schools colleges have become such entities that produce degree holders only. They have no experience or technical knowledge to stand on their feet. Instead they will be running after getting a suitable job. e.g. you may see thousands of soft engineers but how many students have got expertise in hardware. Hardly a few, and reality is that in the name of hardware engineering they have superficial knowledge of computer and laptop.
    Problem is that we are still following beaten path of lord Macaulay. His vision is still considered as the best system of education. Time has changed, we need job oriented courses and skill development programmes instead.

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