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    What do you think about such interesting calculations?

    One of my friend who is also a housewife does all things herself and had not employed a maid servant or any other help except for a short period in times of some illness or emergency. She was married about 45 years back and still managing the show herself with little help here and there from the family members. She, one day told me that she had notionally earned an amount of about Rs 35-40 lakhs over that time if the money she saved on servants was kept every month in the recurring deposits in bank. I checked with some financial sites covering recurring deposits etc and found that what she said was perfectly correct and she was entitled to that type of money if she wished so. Her husband of course took the things lightly and told us that she is the combined owner of everything in their house and that type of calculation does not mean anything. What do you think about such interesting calculations?
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    Such calculations are not going to help the family. In a family both the man and woman toil hard to maintain the family. Assuming the calculations to be correct, Rs 35-40 lakhs expenditure was avoided. The role of the woman in the family is important. Without her devotion, no family can be happy.
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    It is good to save money with such calculations. But no one does it. Only intelligent and bright house maker would do this. I too think of such calculations to save money and have it in a bank. But I failed.

    A joke to share.
    A boy asked his mother Rs. 5 to watch a film in a theatre. She gave him Rs. 5/-. The boy took the bench cinema ticket costing Rs. 5/- and entered the cinema hall. When the film started, he found few seats on the Balcony were vacant. The Balcony ticket costs Rs. 20/-. The boy managed to shift his seat to the Balcony, and watched the entire film. When he returned home, he proudly told his mother, "Mom, I saved Rs.15/- today. When mother asked him how, he explained the matter. The mother felt proud of her son.

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    Doing household chores should be a choice and whatever his husband said was correct. The family and the house are their joint property and responsibility so when the husband never asked for his personal part from his own hard-earned money to keep for himself separately, it is not good to ask about her salary for whatever she is doing for her own family and house. Even if she gets a job, whatever she will earn should be for the family, and should use that money whenever it is required. It works on mutual understanding.

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    Wives who do only housework without other jobs are not taken seriously by family members but their service to the family is not appreciated. It goes without saying that the Housewife should be given a higher position in the family than her husband, who earns tens of thousands of rupees. That is beyond any calculation. It is not interesting to calculate, but such calculations would be against their responsible governance. Responsibility cannot be valued by one. In this regard, many people are determined by the grading. But even when grading, the circumstances are not taken into account. So that too is not a complete one.
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    We should be grateful to housewives doing every kitchen jobs apart from cooking, taking care of their kids, helping to finish homework of her kids. Ultimately she gets exhausted at the end of the day and she may hear a silly remark of her husband what she was doing all along when he was busy with work related to his IT company. She is hearing such an odd remarks due to the bad performance of her kid in his online test studying in class two. This simply suggests a massage that in no way some husbands are responsible for the other activities including the studies of their own children. Entire responsibility rests on the house wives even though they don't deserve any appreciations for her sincere involvements.

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    It is really a mind blowing post from the author that simplifies that our home makers are really saving money for the family and in the event it was spent on the maids and servant it would have been much than expected. Normally the housewife thinks that she is the part of the family and does not demand the salary or compensation for her daily duties. But the family members think that she is duty bound to cook and serve including maintaining the house doing all the chores herself. Many of the house holds are doing the work for the pleasure and immense satisfaction that their cooked food is liked and cherished by the home members. I also pity for them as they have to work all through the year and the life and no rest. And some times we pass rave comments for not cooking tasty food and they feel so upset and not moving. We should avoid it.
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    This type of discussion happens in many houses. But in my opinion in a family wife and husband will have equal responsibility. One of the two has to work inside the house and the other person has to work outside and see that the family runs smoothly. They both should discuss and see where they have to save and where they have to spend. If we start dividing work as your work and my work may not yield any good results.
    But helping each other in their works is very important to see that the family will run smoothly. Husband need not think that helping in the kitchen to his wife is not his duty. In such a case, only problems start.

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    Notional value calculations are like that only. They look impressive but do not ave any practical one to one correspondence. It only shows as how important the role of the housewife that she also contributed her bit.
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    It sounds interesting and it's quite natural to talk about such figures during the discussions about one's family. The amount earned by the husband and wife is for the benefit of a family since both have their specific roles. Kudos to the friend of the author because she chose a nice method to keep herself fit mentally and physically. Depending on others for anything makes us lazy and in fact, you'll find that many people are so dependent on their maidservants that when the maidservants remain absent they become worried and clueless.

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    There is a very relevant saying that 'Marriage is an expensive way of getting your laundry free".

    Had the husband asked a counter calculation about the loss he suffered due to marrying and having a family, it would have become absurd. So he very rightly gave the correct answer. It shows how a family is viewed.

    We cannot monetize certain things in life. Unfortunately, we have started doing so and hence many families are crumbling. In a family closely knit by affection and understanding, closeness and mutual affection can do many things that money and medicine cannot do also.

    I appreciate the husband and wife in the family in the example or reference in the thread and wish them well.

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