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    Is it an adornment to be silent on the corruption of ministers because the government provides some?

    Many state governments are paying more to the people there as an old-age pension, widow's pension, and disability pension than the previous government did. Kits containing food grains are also provided on a monthly basis. In some states, television, and laptops for students, and now Scooty to college students in Assam as an election promise in the name of women empowerment. Is it an adornment to remain silent against the multi-billion rupee corruption of the ministers in the government that provides such facilities? Aren't the funds for these facilities part of the tax money we pay?
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    The promise of freebies by the political parties is only for their electoral gains. Some of the schemes may be good and need to be implemented. All these freebies or the schemes are at the public expenditure. In our State, the freebies continue and the government is unable to pay the salaries in time to the employees and pensioners. How the free scooty scheme is going to empower women? Public money is being wasted and most of the recipients of the scheme are not eligible. In our State, at one time, the cards issued are more than the number of families. It is for the public to object to such wastage of money by going to the courts of law. The election promises should be scrutinized by the Election Commission and take appropriate action.
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    Giving sops during the election or promising something new is the way of attracting voters to their fold as all through the years of their power, they have not done anything formidable and thus during election they promise something unique and get away with vote. In fact I feel that it is one way of bribing the voters with lots of ariticles as gifts and given as complementary for voting the party. The ruling party makes money all through the four years and beyond and thus during the election time the spend hugely on largess and gifts which are costly and sometimes not affordable by the people.
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    The leaders or the election candidates generally promise these things on some pretext and woo their voters and get votes on these promises and then they make some rule in the name of uplift of the poor or some other point and give these facilities to the voters. This should not be allowed and is a wrong practice being followed by the candidates. It is good to make rules which create employment and opportunities for all and when in power people should do actions for the welfare of the masses by schemes and projects and not by freebies. We have to generate work for the people and at the end of the day let them take their wages and that is all.
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    All the money for these freebies is coming from the tax we are all paying from our hard-earned money. Yesterday I was travelling from Andhra Pradesh to Telangana in my car. I have already paid a life tax for my car to travel on the road. Whenever I am filling diesel I am paying tax on that item. Almost I paid Rs. 1000/-as toll tax. This all I paid from my income which I got by working and paid the IT as per the norms. Like this, all of us are paying different taxes. In my opinion, up to 50% of our earnings are going to the government as taxes.
    If this money is properly utilised there will be a good development. But these politicians are wasting this money by giving free money to the people. In this process, they are swallowing a lot of money. It is always better if the government shows a way to earn rather than providing them with free food. But as an ordinary voter what I can do in this not known to me.

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    Freebies should be given to people. At least some people may get some freebies. Politicians have big list of freebies. They are chosen by us and are given unlimited power. They can increase their salaries and other facilities without informing people. All members of parliament become one party on the day their personal bill is placed in parliament. All opposition parties and ruling party forget all their differences and they unanimously pass their bill.
    Interesting point is that we have to bear all amount of freebies. But why cry over these issues. Why we don't understand that we are people who can be fooled easily, no matter how much educated we are, we are not politicians. So enjoy your life and don't heed to these small issues.

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