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    Is the honour and respect that a person in a high position gets for the person or for that position?

    Does a person get honour and respect for himself as an individual or due to his position? Share your views.

    Those who value a title more than their own name, and who enjoy writing it before and after their own name, do not think about their place in the minds of others. Many do not realize that power means service. The interpretation now in practice has become dominant. The people respect the rulers who are closest to them, rather than the rulers who act in such a way that no one but their close companions can see and approach them.

    Is the honor and respect that a person in a high position gets for that person or for that position?
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    We cannot say that person and position were different. A person may be a iconic figure for his acheivement in the past and present and he may not hold the position right now. A person may be nothing in the past and suddenly came to a high position and thus gets respect. For example PM Modi was the performing CM of the Gujarat and then got elected as the PM of India and here is personality cult speaks much for the respect than the position. Whereas the Rahul Gandhi is leader of the opposition and by virtue of it he is given the cabinet rank minister respect but he could not keep the promise nor he is performing with with the name or the position.
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    The honour and respect come to a person from his way of moving with other people and his way of life. The character and the conduct of the individual also plays an important role. A person who helps others when there is a need will also be respected by others. When you obtain honour and respect by these qualities, nobody looks at your qualification or position or power.
    We may have to honour or respect a person because of his position or power he has. In such cases, irrespective of the person he will get respect and honour because of his position. Once he is out of that position, nobody will care for him if he has not maintained good relations when he is in power.
    We respect our boss irrespective of his behaviour. But when he is not our boss we will definitely show him his place.

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    A person in a high position gets respect mainly due to the position. In few cases, the respect will be not only due to the position but their character also. An example of a person who was respected irrespective of the position was Dr. Abdul Kalam, who was the Ex-President of India. He is no more alive but he is respectfully remembered.
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    Most of the people give weight to position and not to the person. It is unfortunate but true to quite an extent. There might be few who value knowledge over the position. The importance of position cannot be underrated because even a mediocre person can run the show magnificently if he gets a high position and we have seen it happening in the past on a worldwide scale. No one is indispensable but some people become indispensable after they take up a high position. They start manipulating things in their own way and do not leave that status. The example of China is very interesting. It seems that in such a highly populated country only the present premier is able to run the country and was requested to work even after his earlier tenure came to an end. It is ironical that sometimes the position of a person makes him capable in others eyes.
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    I think it is the position of the person and not the person himself. As long as he is in his position he is given respect but when leaves his position he is no more respected as he was respected earlier. e.g. L.K.Advani who gave new life to bjp was a respectable person because he was the deputy prime minister cum home minister of the then bjp government. His voice would be heard and respected. He was more vocal than even prime minister. but now where is he we don't know. Even people don't remember him.
    However, some people are respected even they are no more on their position but the base of this respect is changed from position to their characteristics.e.g. Lal Bahadur Shastri, he is no more with us but still his name is remembered for his honesty, integrity and simplicity. India didn't see such a prime minister who did not even has his own vehicle when he became prime minister and he would take his family in tonga. but when his son asked him to buy a car as he was indian prime minister then. He had only Rs 5000 in his bank account so he took loan from a bank to purchase a car for his family. Can you imagine it?
    On other side this simple man was a strong leader . When the US pressurised him to be calm on Pakistan he didn't yield to US pressure.

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    At first, honour and respect are for the position the person holds and if the person is of high integrity then the respect continues even after the person retires or relinquishes the position. There are many such persons in our country and abroad and many members have already mentioned a few of them. It is very important to do justice to the title. For example, while taking oath as an MP or MLA every member pledges that she/he will uphold the constitutional ethos without any bias towards caste, creed or religion but in reality, many members do not follow it. Those members are respected by the media and others because of their position but they are not liked at all by the general public. Naturally, when their term is over or they cannot win people easily forget them. I think showing respect and respect is what people generally follow. Showing respect to a person doesn't necessarily mean that you have regard for that person, it is just maintaining a protocol. When you have regard for a person there is no need to maintain a protocol to show it, the feeling of respect automatically develops when you hear the name or meet the person.

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