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    Why Indian Ministers or celebrities do not send their children to Defence forces ?

    India -Our motherland ,is it the mother for soldiers only of the Defence forces who do not give a second thought in laying down their lives for our country? Why we don't see any news that a celebrity or minister has sent their child to join armed forces ?We also observe that they try to question on the doings of armed forces for the betterment of our country ,so do they think that armed forces is not a suitable career or is it a political agenda to just save their throne ? They do not even educate their children in India itself ,they send them to foreign countries to pursue their higher studies . Is it like that they don't have the belief on India's education system or the various job opportunities which India has the potential to generate and in the same system in which they are doing their job? Why only a son of farmer ,army veterans or middle class family has the guts to join the armed forces ?
    I would like to know your views on it and what can be the good solutions on this issue .
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    Wonderful question asked by the author and it is the fact that those who question more about the integrity and honesty of our forces, seldom think of joining the forces nor they encouraged their children to do. It is same like thosewho do not vote in their life and yet ask for the govt for this facility and that facility. The pain and connectivity of the forces to the mother land would be known to them when they realize that sacrifices that are made in the border is for ourselves. The forces forgo the festivals, enjoyment and simply guard the country and to which we are highly indebted to every soldier by name. The actors and celebrities are enjoying the cream of their life and never know the pain of seperation, wounds, and above the sicness of away from home and that is why they do not want to join the children in the forces.
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    A good question from the author. Politicians think write and speak about the defence forces only on paper and on mike. Inside their heart there is no place for the defence forces. That's the reason why the OROP got delayed, and why the pay revision after 5 years is not held. Politicians don't wish their wards to suffer under strict discipline of the armed forces. Their chief aim is only to mint money and enjoy luxury life on public money. They want their wards to become only politicians, not the veterans of the armed forces.

    Once I heard the speech of Mrs Indira Gandhi addressing a group of Naval officers and men. She said," If I were a boy, I would have joined the Navy to serve our nation." She neither allowed her two sons Rajiv Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi, or grandsons Varun Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi to join the forces.

    Defence is not an attractive field for politicians and celebrities. And defence is not a money making institution for the politicians to have a look at it.

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    They are the children of privileged people. They have many choices in their hand and they can select anything they want. They have money, they have the influence and they can make anything they want. So they always go for the best. They never say no to the desires of their children. Both politicians and celebrities, (Not all but some people) will opt for foreign education and high pay packet jobs only. They never think of ordinary jobs and studies in normal institutes.
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    The career is one's choice. In our country, many parents do not like their children to join the army due to the risk involved. In some areas like Punjab, some families prefer their children to join the military. The people who served in the military also like their children to join the army. The celebrities need not be singled out. It is the case with many families in India.
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    Ministers and celebrities know very well that their wards will be going to become either Minister or celebrity like them. So, they do not consider the army as an option for them. Some of the celebrities and Ministers have crores of rupees and why they will consider for their children to go to army. They all speak only these things in their talks and speeches but never wish to do so.
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    They are very rich and have so many options of making their career so why they will go and suffer in the rain, winter, and summer in the extreme border climates? It is the lower or middle classes who do not have any option and choose that career line. The only remedy for this type of ambiguities in the society that many people suggest is to introduce compulsory Military training for 2-3 years. So you want to write the story for a movie or you want to become an actor, it would not be possible until the mandatory training is done. So at least they contribute 2-3 years by working in army. You can't open a small tea or snacks shop if you have not done that. Can we do it? All the politicians, celebrities, rich people etc will oppose this move.
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    As we all know about their life-style , how they have maintained it . the other reason is the environment they have grown up their children it also matter . A politicians son is always wanted to be in politics and celebrities son are too passionate about being a celebrity , and the main reason is they don't want to send their children to forces because they well know about the environment our soldier lives .This is why they don't send their children to armed force .

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    Yes ,as very well thoughts expressed by all i want to add on few things that these are the matter of comfort which armed forces will never provide them because of the extreme conditions and the rigorous training which they go through .One more point which i want to point out that the new policy which Indian armed forces proposed that if a candidate wants to spend 2-3 years only in armed forces now there is a choice for them to do so but they have to go with the same selection procedure which others are under going .But , in my opinion it will be a waste of resources and the budget of the armed forces which holds only 6% of the total budget of the country because they will ultimately come out of the armed forces after 3 years so why spending so much of money on their training and other facilities .They can have a better option of joining territorial army .
    Now ,talking about our main topic that many people think that people who are joining armed forces have so much of danger but i want to say that it is not always true and if you will die after joining armed forces then that sacrifice is heaven .The kind of brotherhood ,helping nature ,shaping personality and discipline armed forces has no one can find it any other institution . Armed forces give an individual a way of life .

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    The majority of soldiers comes from farmers' families, rest comes from other sections of Indian society. The main reason is that they don't know about luxurious life. Since childhood, they spend their time in open fields. They are exposed to extremely hot summer and cold in winter. Training soldiers is very difficult to bear. Those young boys who come from rich families can't undergo hard training and after training, they are posted on the borders where they have to face big challenges from the enemy as well as extreme cold and heat of the sun which they can't tolerate at all because they spend their lives with all luxuries. Another reason is their salary and other perks are nothing for rich people.
    Only politicians can't be blamed for it, it includes the elite class also. They have a chunk of money so they send their sons to foreign countries for study. There is nothing wrong with it. They can afford all expenses easily, so they send their sons to foreign universities. Even in our country, a lower class people can't afford to get his son admitted to MBBS, how he can muster up one crore rupees to make his son an MBBS doctor. But rich people can afford this huge sum.
    Politicians belong to the upper class of our society. They want to see their issues to be successful in their lives and success mean for them is to earn a huge amount as their income and politics is a big business. Once get elected and then earn as much as you can.
    We should not question these politicians why they don't send their sons to the army.

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