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    Student doing cheating in online education and exam?

    A student did cheating in online education and exam? One case came into picture that one kids did cheating in online exam using other mobile and chatting because camera off was allowed due to large number of kids attending the exam.

    That kid get good marks and able to make position in top 5 but after one year offline exam started then that kid gone to depression because she or he not able to learn now due to cheating habit. After lot of counselling now she or he become ok and came in to right track.

    I written this because lot of student did the same this time due to corona impact and online education. This is very serious matter and all parents need to take care of his kid.
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    Rarely students maybe make cheating in online examinations. But there is no such objection widely. I would like to say that the parents of the students who commit such cheating are the main culprits. This is because of the online education system that was started in the time of Corona and the activities of the students were closely watched by the parents with great joy and curiosity. Therefore, it is certain that they will watch the examinations well in this new system. If the child is facing any difficulty answering any questions and if the parents are going to give an answer to complete the test, they should be prepared to endure the side effects. Such actions will stimulate negative actions in their future lives. It can also cause some mental retardation, as the author points out. So no parent should dare to do that. It can cause far-reaching problems.
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    This happens. Even in offline examinations also we know some students carry small paper slips by keeping them in secret places and try to see if necessary during the examination time. Many time the invigilators catch hold of such students and punish them. Such students never understand the aftereffects of such acts.
    The parents in the house and the teachers in the classes should explain to them what is going to happen if they cheat themselves. You may get a certificate stating that you passed the examination. But if you don't have the required knowledge you can't study higher classes or you can't get a job also.
    When I was writing my 10th examination, one of my classmates was writing the answers by seeing the slips he brought and the squad came and caught him. He was debarred for 2 years and lost that two years without any education.

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    It is true that some children have a habit of cheating and even when there is an offline examination on other days, they try to know that it is an answer. These days when online exams are being done, it is natural for cheating of such children who are already used to it, but on the other hand, some people prefer to take exams honestly, and even if they do not know the answer but they do not cheat. These days, when the online examination has become a medium, it is the responsibility of the parents to motivate the children to do the exam honestly, so that the habit of cheating is not developed in the children.
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    While appearing at online examination no child can do cheating until parents allow them. Generally small children do not do cheating in examination, even most of them don't know what cheating is. If any student starts cheating in examination he might be interacting with such students who are careless about study and they started cheating so that they might pass in examinations. Not only parents have this responsibility but also teachers who conduct examinations. Now the schools are opened and final examinations were held in schools but according to author in some schools examinations were held online. If only one student committed this mistake then it is not a big issue. Such students may be realised that committing cheating in examinations is a bad habit and also their parents should be informed how this activity of their children could be harmful for them in the long run.
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    This is the classic example for the students that nothing is going to benefit them while doing cheating and writing the exams as the act may be temporary to get passed marks but in the long run one is denying themselves the knowledge adding to their mind and thus they are pushed to the back. Schooling or college is the process of continued learning and a mere attention in the class itself either online or off line would suffice any student to at least score passing marks and by not knowing this secret the student indulge in malpractice and get caught which may get them bad name and spoiling their life.
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