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    India's role in freedom of Bangladesh

    Bangladesh is our friendly neighboring country and our country has a great role in its freedom. Mrs.Indira Gandhi helped in the freedom war of Bangladesh and with the help of our army in the 1971 war with Pakistan, Bangladesh got independence. For this Bangladesh is always grateful to India and is always a friendly country to India. After getting independence, Bangladesh prospered very much unlike Pakistan. As Bangladesh reached 50 years of its independent celebrations, Bangladesh PM invited our PM to involve in its celebrations. Mr.Modi in the celebration speech wished relationship between India and Bangladesh to prosper many folds in the future. He came out with another interesting and unknown fact that he was arrested in India during that freedom fight of Bangladesh. After the win of this war, Mr.Vajpayee in the parliament compared Mrs.Indira Gandhi with Goddess Durga Devi. We all wish as a neighboring and friendly country, Bangladesh to prosper much in the future.
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    It is good that India had the greater part to play in the Independence of Bangladesh and even today that country needs our help and we are bigg boss to them for everything. The good office of our PM Modi is very cordial with Bangladesh counterpart and even free vaccines are being shipped as the goodwil gesture. When ever the nature calamities occur, we the Indians reach out there and help this small country. No doubt Bangladesh has to develop leap and bounds the government there is not forward looking in making big projects so that global investments can be attracted through India.
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    True. India is responsible for the formation of Bangladesh as a separate country. Our country helped them in their struggle for independence. The then Prime Minister was responsible for the help we rendered to that country. Those days the opposition parties also used to work very constructively. The opposition parties used to accept the achievements of the ruling party and they used to play a good supportive role wherever required. It is a good gesture from that country to invite our PM to participate in the 50 years of Independence celebrations. I wish our neighbouring country very good progress in the coming years.
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    Unlike Pakistan, Bangla Desh has done better in the manufacturing segment especially in the textile area. The readymades clothing of Bangla Desh is very affordable and are being liked by the customers all across the globe. India was instrumental in the independence of Bangla Desh and today if they have invited Mr Modi for their apex independence day function, it is a sign of their greatfullness to us. We look forward to have still better and more cordial relations with that country and both of us will be benefited by having these friendly relations. All the best.
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    The role of India in the independence of Bangladesh is undeniable and as a gesture of goodwill, the PM of India was invited to the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh's independence. It's always desirable to have a good and friendly relationship with the neighbouring countries and India is always stretching out its hands of friendship to all its neighbours. India and Bangladesh have a cordial relationship and hope this relationship will strengthen further.

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    Yes, this is true, at the time when Bangladesh was a part of Pakistan, there were many immediate reasons for the partition of Pakistan. The main reason was also the geographical conditions of East Pakistan and West Pakistan. In building its independent country from East Pakistan to Bangladesh, India's role has been very important. At that time, India's own economic and social situation was not so satisfactory, but still, India agreed to be a good neighbor country and supported Bangladesh.
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    We should be very happy that we have at least one good and faithful neighbouring country among the many other neighbouring countries which are not our well wishers. Bangladesh the then East Pakistan should be very grateful to Indians especially Mrs. Indira Gandhi who initiated war against Pakistan and liberated Bangaladesh.
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    Liberation of Bangladesh is a landmark in indian history. Late prime minister was a strong leader who didn't bow before US government. Indian army proved that it is one of the best army in the world. More or less 93k soldiers of Pakistan surrendered to indian army. It was an unprecedented incident in world history.
    Our prime minister was invited to Bangladesh and he addressed Bangladeshi people. He said that also played his role in liberation of Bangladesh. He said that he performed satyagrah and went to jail for Bangladesh freedom.

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