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    The benefit of being remaining silent

    There are people who wanted to mingle with everyone and have the chat for good or bad. And there are people who wanted to be themselves and does not want any company or friendship and for them, the loneliness is good and they remain silent even in the meeting or even when they meet others in the functions or celebrations. What could be the benefits of remaining in silent. It may be not wasting the energy for no issue, it may be not poking nose into the affairs which is not concerned to them and so on. Please list out what would be the benefit of being silent ?
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    Keep talking or remain silent are two different attributes and have their own strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes speaking helps us and our job is done. One has to speak confidently in the interview. It is necessary to do so. At the same time there are situations where keeping silent may help the individual and appear as a better option. Many people expose themselves with excessive talking and uttering. That is why there is a famous saying that - Speech is silver, silence is golden. Those who keep a series composure and talk less many times avoid confronting situations and avoid the confrontations accordingly.
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    When you remain silent in a specific situation it is because of a particular reason. If you talk more the situation can turn out of your favour or the noise you make may not be suitable for the atmosphere. But if you are not talkative in nature then you remain silent not for any benefit, it's because you prefer not to talk much. If you are talkative then also it's not for any benefit, rather it's your choice.

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    Prudence is considered only when the person decides on the condition when he/she should remain silent and when he/she should speak. There is no solution to always be silent, at the same time, always speaking is not the answer to every question. As the author rightly said that we can save our energy by remaining silent, this is true but if it is necessary to speak in any situation then we should invest our energy too at that moment. But when we understand that there is no meaning to speak among some people, then it would be the best option to remain silent.
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    As the author points out, we meet some people in our life journey. Such people may think of silence is a good thing. That is why they do not mingle with others.
    But is that the reality? My humble opinion is no.
    Man is a social being. That is why it is his habit to mingle with other people in the community. Finding someone who does not mingle with someone is not easy. People who do not like the company with others will never attend a meeting. What is the use of attending a meeting, who does not want to have a relationship with others? Only those who are interested in acquaintance and mingle with others will come to the meeting place. Those who are not willing to mingle with others will stay lonely at home. Most of them have some kind of mental problem. It should be cured through counseling or medication.
    But some people have a habit of commenting on everything. It is a futile act to let others know that they know everything. That is never a good thing. Such people often jump to problems. It is good for everyone that such people remain silent without commenting on unnecessary matters.

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    Keeping silent is always beneficial as we will not get into any controversy. If there is an exchange of words between two people if we go and poke our nose there, definitely you may be making a foe at least. Why increase foes. This is a type of thinking with some people. Some people say we can't keep silent when something unwanted is happening. Their point is also correct. We will not be wasting our energy in discussions unnecessarily if we keep silent. But that will never make your presence known to others.
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    Remaining silent is not always beneficial. Many times we lose also by not saying what is needed at the right and proper time. Many times silence is taken as approval and you lose an opportunity to say your mind.

    So I would suggest that one should know when and where to keep silent and speak when it is required. Silence will be many times misunderstood , and hence there is a need to speak clearly. By speaking I do not mean one should always be an irritant chatterbox, but properly reserved and pleasantly eloquent.

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    We should watch the situation and behave accordingly. If the meeting is due to sad demise of any relative and the people have assembled to mourn the death or it is a sradh ceremony and the people are silent, it is not a bad symptom. Talking more in that situation would not be appropriate since the people present in that gathering may be highly critical of you. However, if someone is indulged in antisocial activities trying to molest a lady or ignoring the Que.for getting a ticket, silent could be more dangerous than the crimes made by the offenders. There we should expose his activities with being more eloquent and should ensure that the offender should get his due punishment.

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    Mostly, silence is better than speech, especially, when someone wants to refrain from useless talks. It's sheer waste of energy and time while investing time in useless conversation. Instead, spending time in some useful activity is better than involving in useless talks and activities.
    The author has pointed out some specific situation what he has observed that some people get themselves reserved in any function or gathering and they stay away from mingling with people. When someone is in any gathering I don't think he should refrain from mingling with them. If he doesn't like the company of people he should leave the place.
    Why he doesn't mingle with them? Either he is depressed or mentally disturbed or most of the people don't deserve his company. But - is it practical that most of the people don't deserve his company?
    I think such a person may be shy or introvert or lacking in confidence to mingle with people.

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    What it could be summed up that being silent is good but valued at different situations of our life.
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