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    Being punctual is also helpful for others.

    Punctuality is a good habit that everyone should adopt, but still, we see that in the society very few people have the quality of punctuality, but even if only a few people are involved in it, that if they want they too also make learning to others the value of time. The right thing is that if only one person in a group of five people, is punctual, then the rest four can also learn to be punctual. Another example is, if a boss of the company would be punctual, then his team has to be punctuated. There are some people who have a habit of doing everything late, but sometimes such careless people also when they stay with punctual people then they too understand the importance of time.
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    One has to be punctual from her/his early days. What we see nowadays is many are careless about time and do things according to their wishes. Doing everything within the stipulated time is essential and it has to be practised. If one is habituated of being late then others associated with the person will also not do things in time. Punctuality has a cumulative effect and if the head of the organization is punctual and strict others also become punctual. If the person at the helm is not punctual others also follow suit. Being punctual is effectively manage the time which is always necessary.

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    If a person gets grade or being treated as famous not because of his character and other traits, just for his punctuality in attending the proceedings and designated works. Right from the school period to the college and then to the works place, punctuality play crucial role and it personifies the very name of the person who is held in esteem and those who punctual in the tasks and work can never err because they would not keep their works pending and they are most sought after in the organization or the company they work. One more thing being punctual it is not only good to us but also the down the line who would imitate our trait and also try to be in punctual. Since a person is punctual he cannot be questioned for any irregularities and thus down the line the staff would be more cautious and going.
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    Punctuality is an essential part of life. But most people see it as an excusable one. Many people have realized that punctuality is something that should be acquired through practice from an early age. That is not entirely true. But by practicing from childhood, you can become punctual. But we know that many who were not very punctual at a young age became punctual as adults, often after joining the profession. We know that most people who work in the defense sector are punctual. It comes from their training. Punctual in their service or it will cost them their lives. So they keep that in mind during their training period. Then it becomes their lifestyle.
    Lack of punctuality by a few members can lead to a lot of people losing valuable time. If its officials do not arrive on time or belated 10 minutes for a meeting, it is a waste of 10 minutes time for all who come to the meeting on time. If such a person late for 10 minutes, and 60 persons are the audience, the national loss is 10 working hours. It is just being a National Waste.

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    Punctuality is a very important aspect. Being punctual you are not wasting your time as well as other's time also. If you are not punctual you may not be wasting your time, but many other people who depend on you will have to lose their time.
    If all the participants come in time and the boss doesn't come in time for the meeting. the time of all the participants will be wasted. This should be kept in mind.
    If we always move with people who are punctual, we will also be punctual. But if our friends are not punctual we may also tend to become a late comer.

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    Punctuality is very important in life. It designs and shapes our personality. Being punctual is always a praiseworthy habit. Some people are too punctual. They care about time very much. They can't tolerate wasting time. They get angry at other people for wasting time. Such people can work more than the general masses. As the author has suggested and gave some examples also. I think if the boss is punctual then his subordinates will have to come on time and they come on time because they may get fired or at least their boss will be displeased with them if they come late. However, in normal life punctuality is appreciated by everybody even a sluggish person will also appreciate punctuality.

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