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    There are many people who take advantage of your greed.

    We all know that greed is not a good habit, and every person probably tries not to be greedy. But while fulfilling your desire, it is important to understand this very closely that your desire is not turning into greed. For example, to earn money, to get a good home for ourselves is all this desire and we work hard to fulfill it, but it is wrong when we are willing to harm anyone to fulfill our desire. Some people are so greedy that by understanding their greed, others take advantage of this greediness, get their work out, and a greedy person is so engrossed in his greed that he cannot get the sense of it. So stay away from greediness because it will always harm others as well as you too.
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    Anything which is achievable and which is just demand is not greedy trait. But what has been happening is that some wants their share and part of our share which is nothing but greedy to the hilt. There will not be quarrel and face off if the persons would stick to their demand and suffice with it , but the world boil with anger when someone tries to intrude into our affairs and poke for their share. Why there was a face off with the China in the recent past because the dragon country wants to intrude into our territory along the LAC which our forces formidably prevented and on seeing this overtures the four countries namely India ,Australia, Japan and US has become partner to combat the over actions from China and thus the greedy of China has become total flop and it was black faced in the International arena.
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    Greed is never a good habit. Anyone can have a desire and they can try to fulfil their desires. But they should not become too greedy. Expecting more output from a work is never correct. You should expect returns for your hard work. But the expectations can't be unrealistic. In such a case, people will not opt for you thinking that you are a costly person. Your competitors try to take advantage of your greedy nature and get the works for them by offering the same service at a blessed price. So never be greedy.
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    Greed is a bad trait of a person. Greed is an excessive wish to have something. When it goes beyond proper limit it begins to harm him morally, physically, mentally and financially as well. A greedy person wants to achieve something immensely and he can do anything to get it without considering what is right and what is wrong. He keeps on clinging to unending hunger to hoarding up or mustering up something which is subject to his greed. Some people are greedy of money. They don't see what is right or wrong way to earn money. Without considering legality of ways for fulfilling his greed he resorts to commit even crimes. He forgets about repercussions too and when having committed any criminal activity for fulfilling his greed he is caught by the law then he has no ways to escape except repenting for what he has committed.
    What the author has mentioned may be applied to a different situation. It may be applicable for someone who is greedy of being praised for his activities or works or his status etc. In this situation cunning people may exploit his greed to have some kind of advantage or any favour from him.

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