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    What is the affect of being at high position and talking lies?

    Usually most of us tell lies at one or the other time to escape from problems. Sometimes these may lead us to talk some more lies to escape from the after affects of telling first lie. This is what happens with common people. But those who are at high position, public figures and who are in constant touch with media, If they talk lies what happens to them? Compare the situation of such people in the past and present? How these people manage telling lies in such a big position. Members give your opinions and your good explanations.
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    The elders used to say that when we talk it would be measured by our critic and they would repeat the same when we err again. That means once there was slip of tongue on any matter or issue it would be haunted for ever unless and until that person seek apology. And those who are in high position are bound to be very careful as their every word is closely recorded and reverted back when time arises. The politicians while in opposition says some thing and while they come back to power would say some thing and thus caught unaware by the press and media. One thing is sure in these days of cc tv cameras and media glare one cannot escape the lies already told and thus he would be humiliated again and again for telling the lies and therefore it is better to agree to the situation than issuing denials now and then that would further humiliated.
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    People occupying high positions are very conscious of their images. They would not like to enter into controversy because of slip of wrong words. Their drafts are carefully designed and composed so that the text reflects its decency. However, the same thing is not applicable to the politicians since while delivering speech before the audience, their message will be entirely different being in the opposite party but due to the change of party, they need to change their vesion too often loosing their credibility before the audience. Their image slowly deteriorates due to their frequent changing versions.

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    They can tell lies more easily than a common man. Politicians win elections by telling lies only. KCR the present Chief Minister of Telangana is very well known in this aspect. He managed Sonia Gandhi by telling her that he will merge his party with Congress after separation. But after separation, it never happened. He promised the voters that he will make a BC person as CM of the State. But after winning the elections what happened we all know. Now he says that he never said that. For politicians, it is easy to tell lied and pull on.
    But for officers and people in high positions in companies telling lies and managing for a long time is very difficult. They will be in trouble if the truth comes out and chances are there for them to lose their jobs also. Managing the issues by telling lies is very difficult.
    Earlier days people who manage telling lies are less but over a period of time, they are increasing. This increase we are seeing more in the political field but not in other professions, I feel.

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    Theoretically, people in high positions should not be speaking lies in office or public life. Unfortunately, few people believe in that doctrine which is mentioned by them for others. For some people in high positions (including politicians) telling lies is a very normal and usual thing and gullible people normally believe in that and the followers pretend to believe in each of the words uttered by their lords. The interesting thing in this regard is the confidence of these people in telling lies and they do that in such a highly perfect and professional way that even the best of investigators, detectives, and experts are misled and in case if some of them or one of them had committed a crime or many crimes then they are not caught by any agency as evidences at the place of crime are wiped out and other things are obscured by their confident, continuous, and sustained lies. In such situations telling lies is an art form for these people.
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    Telling lies is a bad habit. If it has become a normal activity then such a person is regarded as unreliable in the sight of other people. Speaking truth keeps a person protected from being considered or labelled as a liar person. The author has mentioned about big personalities who are holding high positions and offices. If they also tell lies then trust of people in them will also die. Perhaps the author has some people in his mind before opening this thread that they are holding some respectable position or designation, they are public figures, nevertheless they telllies. Who are they the author has not mentioned about them.

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    Ramakrishna please be clear with your question why you are "beat around the bush" in asking the question ask your question why Narendra Modi is telling lies that he fought for Bangladesh independence?

    All the people who responded to the Question "The Question is about Narendra Modi and why he was telling lies that he fought for Bangladesh" and without touching Modi you are answering that...

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