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    If we had the opportunity to accept only one of wealth, success, and love, what will be accepted?

    If we look at our normal way of working, we are more likely to accept money. Wealth is so important in our lives. We are not ignorant of the importance of success and love in life. But when it comes to money, we forget the value of everything else.
    We must not forget that love has more value in life than wealth and success.
    What is the opinion of the esteemed family members of the India Study Channel?
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    Though many people run after money only but money alone will not make our lives happy and contented and there is a very prominent reason for that. Money is one of the most important entity in the world but that is not everything. We are not machines or devoid of sentiments. We are humans and we have lot of feelings, sentiments, sentimental aspirations, hidden kindness in our hearts, and sympathy for others who are less privileged and these are the things which are required to be appreciated with some amount of love, compassion, and other such things in our lives. So, all these are required in a particular proportion if we want that our lives should be smooth and prosperous in all respect. I thing we must give attention to love and sentiments and their value in our live along with earning money.
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    All of us will be working for money only. Money only will get us food, shelter and clothes. When we have enough money we can say many things. But when there is no food to eat and suffering from hunger, my immediate option will be money only as I can get food with that money. My point is to say that the choice depends on the condition of the individual. When the offer comes to me, my condition at that moment will guide the decision. There is no need for money and I may go for love or success. If I am in need of money I will opt for money only.
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    Good question posed by the author. I was asked to choose between wealth, success and love, I would certainly go for the success. Because success is the trend setter for our live through which wealth can be earned in the long run and in the middle of that process the love would start as we are having the success game changer mantra. Having only wealth and not success or love is the damn worst life. And having love and not having the wealth and success is something no one would love to stay with us as we cannot able to nurture them anymore. So the author must have got the right answer through me for this post as the success is the big victory for any one as he is now habituated to achieve winning situation one after other and that is making more confident and more powerful in the process to achieve all wealthy goals with love life in tow.
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    Excess of money, wealth, reputation, popularity and love is not good. Everything has its own importance. We can't discard the importance of money. Everybody is running after money. If someone says that he wants no more money either he is a liar or a superhuman. However, greed for wealth is kind of a curse if someone is blind to wealth. It changes him into a machine that doesn't have any feelings and he measures every relation with the scale of money. Love is an invaluable entity. It's a gift of God. Love depends on mutual trust and confidence.
    Wealth and success, mostly, bring arrogance to wealthy and successful people. They don't like poor and unsuccessful people. It's the normal proclivity of people. We should see the real world. However, the level of arrogance may differ from people to people.
    Personally, I want a peaceful life. I don't run after love or wealth but I don't deny their importance too. I want respect in place of love because love wants some commitments from your end too.

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    We should try to make a harmony between all important factors of life like love, money, emotions, etc., which have a great contribution to our happiness. If a person has money only, then there is a possibility of lack of love, at the same time one has love in ts life but do not have enough money to fulfill their needs and desires. Sometimes people understand the value of these important factors only when they do not get it easily. If I will talk about my views so I will give importance to love a little bit more than money.
    Swati Sharma

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