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    Each of us lives in the midst of the images we create ourselves.

    No one can go beyond the image created by their own words and deeds. The influence of those who do good will continue even if they are removed from this earth. Who remembers the owners of heinous acts?
    Actions are sanctified by the realization that their actions will be reflected in everything around them. Those who have been able to build their own creative image in all the contexts in which they interact will later be transformed into textbooks. Those who are not will end up in oblivion.
    What is your reaction to this?
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    Our way of dealing with others in society will give us an image in society. If we serve the poor and help others we will get an image of a good person. If you are always fighting with other people will have a bad image of you. We remember some people even after years of his demise. This is mainly due to the good work done by him. There are some people who worked for the nation and brought independence to us. We remember Gandhiji for his good work for the Nation.
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    The message given by the author is praiseworthy. I agree that we create our image in the mind of people by our conduct, manners and activities. If our activities are good we are regarded by others as a good person but if we create nuisance they have negative views about us. We should ponder over our activities. Some people are remembered in textbooks also and their good deeds are studied by students. Everybody good person can't be given so much respect in this society. But as social being, we should involve ourselves in healthy activities. If we help needy people their hearts will bless us and undoubtedly it will bring us peace in our lives. We should spare some time for other people also. When we die our good behaviour, good manners and helpful activities are left behind us and people remember us with praise.

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    Our good work, our good traits and good behavior go a long way to create a great impression in the minds of those who are our followers and they would make us more popular and great with our renewed approach to each and every problem they faced and we gave them the right input to get out of it. We need not be a great scholar, great reach out person in the society, we may be just human being and humble to others. The rich persons show attitude and those who are down to earth even after being a wealthy person knows that nothing is permanent in this world and everything is going to vanish sooner or later.
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