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    Why some internet sites are so clumsy and confusing?

    Are most online portals confusing to browse and find information? What could be the reason for this is expressed in the views of this forum thread.

    Whenever we go to search some information in the sites then we find that some sites are well structured and the menu items are well laid down and the sub menu items are also well categorised and within some time one can quickly get the particular information and we note it down. At the same time there are some sites where we enter but do not get the required information easily and sometimes we find that we unnecessarily go from one menu item to other and one page to other within the same site but just waste our time and either that information is not there or hidden in a corner in such a way that we miss it. Have you also got any such an experience while searching information in the web?
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    Yes, I do have come have the kind of situation that is described in this thread. It is basically a poor website design. Either the designer is not capable of creating a user-friendly experience or the owner of the website does not care about the look of the website but just wants the contents to be published. A poorly designed website is definitely going to attract fewer visitors.

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    What the author said is right. The original websites are easy to access and the information thus obtained is reliable and good. But there are some site in the internet which given the link of the main site and there starts the problem for us. Because they earn through our visit and the link provided there would takes us to the original site and some times takes us to different site confusing us altogether. This I had observed when we want to search for the results of entrance exam or the results of board exam. As the main site would be down with so many hits the intermediate sites would get us the link quickly and some times make us to hang up. One thing is sure internet is all about earning advisement revenues through the pages, and the link sites are taking us for ride and therefore it is better to go for the original site.
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    There are different people and they design the websites as per their liking. Different people will have different likings. No two persons may have similar likings. So the output from them will be different. Viewers also will have different needs. For your need, you might have felt that design clumsy. But the same may be liked by someone else, I think.

    I have seen some websites which make us go through all the pages but some will not create that much interest. This may be due to the difference between the designer's views and the viewer's expectations.

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    I agree with the author that some websites are easy to get reguired information from there and some of them are clumsy. It all depends on how they are designed. I think a website should be designed as easy to all laymen type.
    However, who are aware of such designed websites they don't find it too much difficult.

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    The author's observation is completely right, many of us have had such experiences. When we want to search data on an unknown site, it is less likely that we will find a genuine site in the first place. Although many websites have this problem, my experience has been worse in some music sites. Although many apps of music are available these days, still I like listening to music offline and hence I download songs, so often I have to face this problem, it is a very bad experience when we have to waste our time searching for data or any other information on sites.
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    Web page designing and internet site designing is a specialised work and expert software engineers do that through good coding practices. Different sites have different codes and structure and their performance will be different. I have seen some sites where we glide seamlessly collecting all the information and quitting it quickly once the data collection is over. At the same time some sites are confusing because the people who have designed them have not done their job perfectly and they have not seen it from the perspective of the surfer or user. The site developer should see that the user does not get lost in the virtual maze inside the site and go on searching things endlessly. A good programmer who knows the requirement of the user precisely will design a better site.
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