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    What is the difference between trend and tendency

    During election times there is always a tendency among media to take various surveys and polls to gauge the election trend.
    Many times, by experience and repetitious habit, we get to use proper words at proper situations and contexts. It is ironical that we do not feel conscious or aware of the fine nuances therein. Many times it happens as an automatic flow.
    However if we pause and try to ponder, then probably we may get confused and commit mistakes.
    In the first sentence of this thread I had used the word trend and tendency and most of the readers would have understood it the way I wanted t to be. Probably none of you would have even thought about the similarity or the fine difference in the meaning and usage of these two words had I not given it in the title.
    In the true spirit o discussion, I leave it to the reading members to throw more light from their own knowledge and experience. Let us see how many have the tendency to reply or tend to take it serous and how the thread (or keyword) is trending.

    (This is my entry to the TOW contest)
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    This is an interesting post trying to bring out the subtle differences between these two words. As per my understanding, tendency is used generally in an inclination or aptitude type of activities and it also acts like an attribute which determines as who will be going for which activities. Some people have tendencies for doing certain types of activities and they develop these tendencies and then do not like to do other type of things as they are addicted to these specific tasks. On the other hand trend is an observation of some activities and their patterns. Trend studies give valuable information about the predictions and speculations for future. In modern times especially in a business environment, the trend studies play a vital role and give clues to the stakeholders and interested persons for taking decisions and going ahead with those perceived things. In the world of finance and investment the trend analysis is a very important and useful aspect. A good trend analysis is a great help to the entrepreneur also who wants to see the past trend for introducing a new product.
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    The author has really confused us to infer the tow topic in different contest and what I could understand that during the election time the tendency of the media is to infer the pre -poll survey to their benefit and there cannot be hard and fast rule about the authenticity of the out come of each survey as they are paid and maintained the respective political parties and the sample survey done is very minimal and that cannot portray the overall voters mood before the poll and this tendency has become the trend before every elections to which we are getting fooled again and again everytime.
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    I feel tendency is used to explain the qualities of an individual. It is his tendency to shout at people unnecessarily. It is his tendency to donate food to poor people. Like this, we can tell the quality of a person describing the same as his tendency. The tendency of voters is changed completely this time. The trend is completely towards that party only and as per the present trend so and so the party may win an absolute majority. If two parties are going parallel almost the trend is divided and they hay 50% chances, is what we can explain. The manufacturers will try to understand the market trend and produce as per the demand.
    The author has made a very good submission for the TOW contest.

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    The trend is something that is in vogue or fashion and tendency is proclivity or inclination for any trend. Generally, trend pops up as a new thing out of thin air and gradually it develops and spreads among masses which they begin to follow in large number and their tendency accepts this new trend in which they invest their time, money and energy.
    Often, we see new trends in all walks of life emerge which appeal to the masses to get accepted but a few of them get survived in the real world and the rest go into junk.
    Social media especially WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc all are new trends that are presenting new trends every day and the tendency of people to stoops to what is trending in social media. They are devoting their time, money and energy to following these trends. I am not sequacious of new trends, rather I choose out of best to like or dislike and this like or dislike is also not permanent. It gets changing over time.

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    It is also a tendency seen in many people to go along or at least claim that they are with the general trend.

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