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    Do not blame it on time, there is nothing best than present

    When the things are not going in right direction and achievement seems to be a distant far, we blame it on time as it was not the right hour to get success. There is no fixed time to achieve the result as the best time is the present time because we are thinking about the paucity of success and that itself a step forward towards our progress. When the dancer does not know the intricacies of dancing it is not good to blame it on the stage saying it is small , same way one should not blame the time for the paucity of achievement.
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    Sometimes, it may be possible that chosen time for any activity was not proper time to start the activity. Success requires several things to get carried out. Success does not come with words only. Sometimes, we chalk out comprehensive planning and implement the same in right manner, take all required steps in right direction, notwithstanding, success slips from our hands. Sometimes, circumstances also play very important role in achieving success. Sometimes, success comes on platter for some people. Sometimes, luck plays a vital role in getting success. I agree with the author that if we don't succeed in our efforts we should not blame others rather we should ponder over our shortcomings, where we committed mistakes which resulted in failure.

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    Many people say this. Don't postpone the works saying that the time is not good. The present time is always the best time. Past is past, we can't change it. The future is uncertain. We don't know what happens. Whether we will be there or not also known. So the present is certain. Whatever best you can do you can do it now.
    I think the author also wants to convey the same message. Don't stop doing any work saying that the time now is not good. But if we have more works on hand which work is to be done now is to be decided by us and proced.

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    The author is absolutely right, many people follow a common attitude for their failure and always try to save themselves and blame others or times or situations. Until a person will not accept his/her failure, will never be successful. When we think that time was not good that is why we did not get success, we actually wasting our present too by thinking that. One should always think about the present situation and then plan for the efforts for success. Many people always live in their past or future and never think about the present.

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