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    Be a Trend-setter and not a trend follower

    Be it daily life or following in the social media there is always a chance to lead ourselves as the trend setter in many ways. For example my whats-app status are having lots of animal videos which are connected to the human values and traits and thus the quotations I use to give the examples on how the acts of animals create a lesson for us to learn. In that process my status on the social media has become the trend setter and not the usual trend follower and the way people comment on my videos is one more new trend in itself.

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    It is always great to be a trendsetter than a follower. If many people follow the trend we set, we feel really great about it. In a movie the hero makes his style new and different, all his fans will start following him. Then the hero will be a trendsetter. It is good to note that the author is a trendsetter on WhatsApp status. So far I was never a trend setter or even a trend follower. I go on my own indiv idual way and that is the way I like.
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    Neither I am a trend setter nor a trend follower. If I start a trend it means I will be expecting that people should follow my started trend. The author has mentioned about his interest in sharing animal videos or animals related information on social media and people appreciate the same. I appreciate him. It is good to know that he has started a trend.
    There are many people around the world who love animals and care about them immensely.
    Trendsetters are not born as trend setters but sometimes, things come out of blue and sometimes, new trends come up after a thoughtful effort. I cite here an example of # (hashtag). There was no such trend of using hashtag on social media as now a days hashtags are used by millions across all social media platforms but the concept of tagging social media groups or topics with a hashtag is credited to one man, Chris Messina. He is a trendsetter for all times. He started hashtag on Twitter and since then it's become an essential part on Twitter.

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    I liked the thread because it directly says what the author wanted to convey in a precise manner and with an apt title. He smartly told us that he is a trend setter, without appearing to be drumming it aloud.
    The conclusion is ; the author is really a trend setter, even otherwise, which we all forum participants know.

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    For that matter anybody can be a trend setter provided they have the niche to create something new.
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    As the author suggest that one should be a trend setter and not a follower, I would like to partially disagree with that as a trend setter was also once a follower. These trend are very hard to understand, hence to get grip of that many would follow others until they find their own interest and uniqueness. However it should be quite clear that one must never restrict themselves to only following and never becoming the one to lead. Trends grow with time and development, our choices are also supposed to change and therefore we may create more trends to be followed but blindly following one is never justified. You might test yourself by following but never underestimate your skill to be the one to create a trend.
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