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    Is home schooling better or traditional schooling is better?

    Recently there was a discussion with one of our friends were they were planning to home school her daughter who will be in 4th grade in the coming academic year. Home schooling will be continued till she is in 10th grade. I somehow felt this was not okay as the child will be deprived of many activities and social life. But the parents felt this is fine and modern teaching method. This would also ensure the security and parents get to see the child progress in front of them. They also mentioned this method is chosen by many people.
    I am still not convinced home schooling is better than regular ones as child will lack competition, there will be no social life with her age group even though a child plays with friends in the area it will be limited and cannot be like school, child will miss many activities and also the fun. I somehow feel, a child's childhood will be snatched with too much of restrictions and changes.

    What are your views on this? Do you think home schooling is better or a regular schooling is better? ¹
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    Though this topic has been discussed many number of time again and again in this forum still it holds good to discuss again as new points emanate from our minds. What I feel that the children lost the class discipline which they were supposed to have as during the online sessions, invariably the child is not present at the class but teacher has been given the impression of having present in the online line class. As there is no interaction between the student and the teacher due to paucity of the time, the teacher could not connect to each student and have the question answer session. I always feel that schooling is the best way to contain the child behavior and make him to study as the pamper at the home wold spoil him to attend the classes sincerely. And when the children have the habit of aping others to study good, that is not present in online classes and thus no competition makes the life dull.
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    I totally disagree with the opinion that homeschooling is better than traditional schooling. I wholeheartedly support traditional schooling as it not only gives a child academic success but also self-sufficiency and strength to live in the community through schooling with other children.
    Many people feel that it is enough to teach their children at home to take care of them. If the child is in the Specially Challenged category, the first few years at home will benefit from careful parenting and care along with teaching. After that, with the strength gained through it, studying along with ordinary children, they can feel the ambiance of surroundings, smell it, share stories with others, and exchange the experiences of others. The total learned at home children are like broiler chickens grown on a farm. In the temperature of life, such people will weary, and as they grow older, they will need the help of their parents in all ways. Social perspectives will below the average. Only the environment of his home will be in front of them. That alone will make it difficult for him/her to survive. Such people will be doomed to failure socially.

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    It is advisable to use the search box before raising a topic. We had an in-depth discussion on this topic in an active GD and it also came up again last year, though no response came in for that thread.

    We will allow this thread for now for some fresh views on it.

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    The purpose of going to a school is not only for academic education but for the overall personality improvement through socialising, participating in sports and cultural activities, group activities, behavioural dynamism, and many other learnings and such gains in ones life. So, how one will be able to learn these things, which are so essential for ones development, in the homeschooling is to be pondered over. If parents think that home schooling is a better option then they are supposed to provide these extracurricular learnings to the child through some alternate avenues.
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    Homeschooling may give good subject knowledge. But the student will not have any understanding of social behaviour and team spirit. They read the subject, understand the subject and reproduce in the examinations and they may secure good marks. But such students will not understand the competition. They will be happy with whatever they are able to score. If they attend a class they know the importance of team spirit and the competition existing. That will help them to put more efforts and hard work and the best from them will come out.
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    First, his home schooling is possible in itself? Will the parents or either of both or any tutor will be hired to teach a child? How many subject teachers will be hired? Is it really feasible?
    I don't know any concept about home schooling. It is not practicable. A child can be taught only in school. It's essential for parents to admit their child in a school not only for education but also for overall personality development. Exposure to the real world is necessary for the children. They need friends ,colleagues also. They take part actively or passively in different extra curricular activities besides participation in games.

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