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    Modi failed in all departments but succeded in vote bank politics?

    As we see time and again in ISC we discuss this but Modi Bhakts are increased day by day even the
    Price raise hikes in the following essential commodities
    1)Gas Cylinder
    2)Petrol and diesel prices
    3)Increased price in essential commodities
    4)Rupee value further slumps
    5)Many lost their jobs in all industries
    6)Privatisation in all government sectors(Which I also agree with this decision).

    Modi's foolish talks and his behavior on behalf of the press and public are many more no need to write here... But Modi is succeeding vote bank politics how this is possible?
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    Very interesting post raised by the author. Creating a feel good factor for the other leaders of various parties to consider and join BJP is itself show case the fact that there is no alternative at the national level to beat the saffron party and grab the power. No body thought that a party with just two seats in the parliament could make waves and form formidable govt of its own and the brand power of Modi image has been well used by the party. If the govt was performed so worst then why the people are getting the same party elected again and again across the country as the voters felt that India needs a strong leader at the center and Modi has no match so far. What ever be the set back of this govt, the corruption is nil and not a single case of scam came into limelight and that proves the winning situation for the future too.
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    How many seats secure BJP in Loksabha MPs across South India? When there is no need for South Indian people's verdict what is the use of parliament elections in South India?
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    The author has posted a very interesting post and different people would have different opinion on this topic but one thing which is very evident is that some people of this country must have compared the present regime with the earlier ones and in comparative terms had found that this one is better. Now when we say better it does not mean that earlier regimes were having a score of 30 out of 100 and this one is 95. No, it is not like that. What they have found is that the earlier regime was 65 while the present one is 75 only. It is slightly better than the earlier ones in spite of all the deficiencies as mentioned by the author. So that could be a reason for increased number of followers. There is no magic or no 100% method that can change the people and governance in this country but even if some positive efforts are seen by the people then they get impress by that. They might also had compared on so many factors and not only a few as mentioned in the post.
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    In India vote bank politics are only important. Good work and development works may not give votes. But freebies will give many votes. That is what we have seen in Assembly elections in Andhra Pradesh. Jagan got many votes as he promised many free items and won the election. Babu did many developmental activities in the State. But he lost.
    Probably by seeing this trend all political parties are trying to do vote bank politics. That is what needed for winning the elections.
    I don't want to say the present government is doing extremely well. But this government is much better than many of the earlier governments. Even though rates are increasing, people are not stopping purchasing petrol and diesel. We are not seeing even a single person without a mobile.

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