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    Never impose your will on your children for their careers

    Movies like 3 idiots did talk about this menace. This might be a bit of a harsh word, but it is indeed a menace. Parents who are guided merely by the commercial success of someone whom they see in some profession, seek to impose such of their likes and likes on their children. In spite of the Covid menace, there are parents who drastically search for some "connection", to ensure that they get the seat they want in some branded school. And as they often say, the rest is "history".

    It is not. There is no history at all. Soon after the drifting of the child starts. He or she merely gets a degree but follows his passion. We have often seen some television artists or even film directors who openly admit that they became engineers to satisfy their parents but later wanted to just stick to their passion. Behind many a success story, there is some such story. In some cases, the parents are not graduates and might have a farming background.

    Whatever be the case, it is now the onus of the teachers and career counselors to educate the parents on the huge range of courses available and then educate them to identify what comes to their children as a natural flow of their passion. Even identifying this is difficult, but sometimes it is embedded deep in the minds of the person. The entire class laughed when he said he wanted to become a film director. Yet, after years of struggle, Mr. A.R. Murugadoss, who has managed to give some of the best masala action movies in Tamil and even Hindi with the actor Vijay, had this dream.

    After all, life is full of struggle but not for those who slog it out and do not deviate from their chosen path of their inner urges.
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    It is an important topic to discuss the parents force their children to study the subjects that they wish and ignore the aptitude and interest of their children. I also feel pushing children for the stream they are not interested is irrational and absurd. I saw a video on social media on which a young girl was interested in writing and wanted to be a journalist. She has already started writing stories, novels, and poetry but she mentioned that she is preparing for medical entrance exams because my parents want me to become a doctor! But insisted at some point in my life I want to be a journalist and I want a journalist tag with my name. These stories are common now when children feel depressed due to the forced decisions to choose the subjects. Sometimes I feel it is important to teach parents about the aptitude and choice of their children before they send their children to school or colleges and tell them how important it is to know the choice of their children and badly it can affect the career and life of their children. I think we need to shift focus towards parents and tell them forcing children to take certain subjects that they are not interested can be depressing and disappointing for their children.

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    Parents need to put aside the attitude of imposing their desires on their children that their children should become doctors and engineers. The children of your relatives or the children of your neighbors are doctors and engineers, so some people think that our children should also become such professionals. For that, from the LKG class, excessive study load imposed on them. As the classes being higher, the study load also becomes heavier. The heavy workload can even lead to children becoming mentally ill and seeking treatment such as counseling etc. Children who are not performing according to the parent's will, are portrayed as bad at home and in their nearest circle. It will be introverted them.
    It is the duty of the parents to provide facilities and support for their children to grow physically and mentally and to lead a happy life, to study the subjects they are most interested in, to choose the profession that suits their tastes and to excel in it.

    "Cheruthulli Peruvellam"
    small drops make a mighty ocean

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    Similar topics have been discussed earlier also but this topic is always relevant. I think we should take this issue from another angle also. As an elder brother or a father, you want to see your family children be successful in their future life. As we know that parents dedicate their lives to raise their children, provide them with the best education and sometimes they are worried about their future too because parents are well-wishers. of their children. They see some dreams for them. They expect that their children will grow up and one day they will fulfil their dreams. If parents want to see their child to become a doctor. What is wrong with it? Do doctors have no career? I know, you know they earn lots of money and respect. Parents want to see a secure future for their children and the medical profession gives the security of the future. It is not a matter of forcing a child to become a doctor. It's the matter of employment security and the bright future of their child. A child is a child who does not know what is wrong with him. I don't think that parents can force their children even in this situation when children depend on their parents for their education. When their son is studying in higher classes he may choose which profession is good for him. No parents can force him to go as per their choice or wish. Nobody can stop a young man from doing what he wants to do.

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    The author is right. Parents should not force their children to accept their interests. As a parent, we want to see that our children will excel in their field. We think some fields are good and we will advise them to go into that line. But we never ask the interest of our children. If they have no interest, unnecessarily we will be putting them in difficulty and they may not shine in that area.
    My wife wanted my son to learn music. But he is not having any interest. So somehow he used to avoid music classes. After some time the music teacher told my wife that my son was not attending the classes. Then I called him and asked him, why he is telling lies and not attending the class. He told me that he has no interest in music but his mother is forcing him to attend and hence he is going out sitting in the park and coming back. Then I convinced my wife and asked my son not to attend those classes He did well in his studies and settled well in his life.

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