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    Get to eat this brinjal floating in oil....

    Brinjal is one delicacy that is so good in taste. One can even make chutney out of it and it is too good for the dosa and idli and even chappati.

    There is another delicacy that is prepared in what is called 'Chettinad' style. For those who do not know, Chettinad is a small town in South Tamil Nadu, around 2 hours and 45 minutes by car from the airport city called Tiruchirapalli. It is nearer to Madurai as well. The brinjal curry that is prepared out here has stuffed brinjals with a mix of tomatoes and fried onion, floating in oil. The stuffing is done with a mix of some specific spices.

    The dish is a delicacy to be enjoyed. It is the toast of the Chettinad area but is now world-famous. Try it out for the superb experience.
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    Brinjal stuffed with onion, chilli and masala paste will be fried in oil and excess oil will be kept so that the curry taste will be very good. In our house, my wife will be making this once in a while. It is not a new recipe in the Telugu States. My grandmother and my mother in law were making the same curry. My mother will be making it now and then. Many AP and Telanagana people will be making this curry. In marriage functions also we will see this curry definitely. There are many other varieties of curries that can be made with Brinjal. Brinjal as such is a very popular vegetable.
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    Brinjal is my favourite vegetable. Traditionally, it is cooked with or without potato in my home. Mostly, I like to eat mush of brinjal. Sometimes, it is stuffed in paratha. Pakora of brinjal are also prepared.
    Suggestions of the author about brinjal are welcomed.

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    In Telangana also stuffed Brinjal curry is available and that is called Gutthi Vankaya kura and it is literaly would be floating in the oil and that would be very delicious with Hyderabad vegetable Biryani. And it also be had with roti or puri as the persons wish. There are good chefs in Hyderabad who use the round ones brinjal and that makes the stuffing easy, but what I found that the greenish long brinjal are more tasty as they would be tender and cooking is also easy. Many does not like the Brinjal curry without the mix of tomato and I like any kind of preparation through Brinjal use.
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    No member has mentioned about the Brinjal correctly. Brinjal is the King of vegetables. It is one of the best vegetable that is suitable to eat with rice or chapathi or parota or idli or dosa. It is a tasty vegetable when added with spices and oil.
    It is added to Sambhar, Aviyal(Mixed vegetable) Brinjal fry, Brinjal Bajji, Stuffed Brinjal. Brinjal chutney. Oh! countless variety of Brinjal dishes.
    I like Brinjal fry prepared by my mother.

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    We also prepare stuffed brinjals dry vegetable but we use the smaller sized ones and after filling them with various spices we fry them in oil and cook them and use it as a tasty and delicious side dish.
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    With Brinjal so many tasty dishes can be prepared and are popular in AP and Telangana. Grounded mixture of roasted dry chillies, Bengal gram, urad , dhaniya and other masala content will be stuffed in partially cut round brinjals will be roasted in oil. Usually this dish can be served in functions and hotels.

    In another variety, cut pieces of brinjal are mixed with green chilly, coriander, ginger, salt grounded paste and boiled with required amount of water and oil. Then this is tampered and this dish is very tasty. This is one of my favorite dish.

    One more fry that can be prepared with brinjal easily is, fry cut pieces of brinjal with oil first and add onion pieces at the end and fry. Finally add little salt and chilly powder. This fry is very tasty.

    We can prepare brinjal chutney by cut pieces with tamarind in oil. Then it is grounded along with tampered condiments and green chilly.

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