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    It is never too late to study any subject

    When I was 60 plus, a couple of years ago, I acquired a Master's Degree in Sociology from the IGNOU, through distance education. There were many within my family who chided me for studying at this age. But my passion for the subject took me there.

    And I have no regrets. It is one of the finest areas for deep research. It was a great pleasure to read the fabulous work of the world-famous Sociologist, Dr. Ramachandra Guha, who is based in Bangalore. Similarly, if you are passionate about any subject, do not hesitate to take it up.

    It not only gives us an opportunity to study something useful but also to reflect on something new to us. After all, there is a scientific angle to anything and there is a major practical application.

    In the field of economics, one can always learn the basics and then observe how it plays out. For example, the vital variable called investment. By observing how a budding invests his capital or borrows from the bank, we can easily understand how he keeps his business moving. In comes the concepts of supply and demand. If he owns a grocery shop, for example, he will not stock an item that does not 'move". He would be able to predict the demand for any item. Yes. There is some common sense, but economics is not common sense.
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    I am taking this opportunity to congratulate Mr. A. B Sivakumarji for pursuing a Master's degree in Sociology even after becoming a Senior Citizen. I have heard that there is no age or time for study. Shivkumarji proved it is true. Learning is a process that continues until death. It has been reported in the media that some have obtained three or four academic postgraduate degrees between the ages of 60 and 80.
    Learning is not limited to get certificates in academic studies. Life teaches us how to behave well in society, how to behave in a group, how to obey the existing rules in everything, how to treat another or a group in any situation, and how to behave without being short-tempered in society. But even those with great academic qualifications lag far behind in the above subjects. This may be because they are busy with the study on subjects in other areas.

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    It is heartening to know that you ignored jibes and stuck to our desire to acquire the postgraduate qualification in a subject that you were keen on pursuing. Well done!

    Indeed, age is no bar for anything at all, whether it is an educational goal or a hobby or just an interest in doing something that one wants to do. We've heard about centurions, too, sky-diving and taking up some other kind of adventure sport. In India, we've got some wonderful stalwarts who continue to be great teachers. There is Meenakshiamma (over 75 years) from Kerala, who teaches Kalaripayattu, the traditional martial art form. There is Jini Dinshaw (90 years), the founder of The Bombay Chamber Orchestra Society. Read up about them.

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    I must congratulations to Shivkumarjee for his endearing effort to,persue his master degree even after his retirement. There is no end to learning but the same must emanate from one's heart. Age has no relevance with the drop curiosity rather it enhances with the advancement of ages. If the time permits and usually there is no death of it after retirement, we can indulge in such studies for which we had deep passion for continuation of such subjects. IGNOU is the best plateform to be persued if one has the time and passion for learning a new subject. This plateform takes utmost care of the aspirants with the quality teaching and alleviating their doubts in the subject matters.

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    Congratulations to the author for obtaining a PG degree after becoming a Senior Citizen. He proved that there is no bar of age for learning. One should have the interest to learn. Recently I read in a newspaper, that an old lady who is above 90 sat for 10th Examinations and passed. That ll shows the requirement for learning is interest. If you have that you can learn at any age.
    My grandfather started writing Telugu poems after his retirement only. I have started writing poems in Telugu after my 60th year. Recently I have completed more than 100 poems and I published those poems as a book.

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    Thanks to all for all their compliments. I find sociology very interesting. The contribution of some fabulous leaders like Dr. Ambedkar for the upliftment of the oppressed classes and framing of one of the best Constitutions in the world for democratic countries like India comes out loud and clear when one reads the texts. There are expert comments on the different perspectives and the different strands of knowledge add upto a big holistic mass of knowledge. My efforts are now to read up everything on subjects such as these.

    I might still try to do a doctorate from IGNOU, in Sociology, even if I would be one of the eldest to get the degree!!!

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    My great respect to the author for gettting the Doctorate in sociology and for him the age is not the matter but pursuing studies even at the senior level. Hats off to the dedication.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Many congratulations Sir. There is indeed no age to learn and also that at any point in life we ??can learn anything. None of us knows when and where we need this knowledge in the circumstances of life. It is also said that the learned never go in vain. There is no need to find a learning opportunity. The one who has the urge to learn learns something from the person around him and each event. Knowledge is unlimited and infinite, it has neither a limit nor an end. Most of us have this belief in our mind that the more you learn in the early stages of your life, the better but with increasing age, the ability to learn becomes less.
    But this is not true, there are people like A. B Sivakumar Sir, who do not let end the desire to learn inside them and learn new things at any stage of age, and such people become an inspiration for others.

    Swati Sharma

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    It is great to know what the author has done- i.e post graduation at 60 years of age. This is the age when people are retired from work even then the author continued his study and got his degree. My hearty congratulations to him for this achievement.
    We often discuss that learning and getting knowledge is a life long process and there is no age limit for getting more education, the author is the best example of 'learning is a life long process'.

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    Age is no bar for learning and the author has demonstrated this fact by doing it at that age and is a very motivating example for all of us. Everyone does not have that type of inclination and passion for learning at advanced age but it makes sense to acquire additional knowledge at any age if one has interest and liking for that. When you like a thing to do, it is always a pleasant exercise. Sometimes, we have to undergo some short course due to the need to understand the subject more clearly. For example there are many new areas which are being discussed time and again and if we have to know about them in detail then it is a good idea to take up some course in the internet and understand the subtleties of that topic. Last year there was much mention of digital marketing in the internet and even in ISC we were discussing and mentioning it in articles or Ask Experts section. To know about it in more details, I just searched internet and got some good sources which are delivering free short courses in this niche topic and I am undergoing that and really getting many insights and removing my confusions. So those who cannot get more tile for long courses can think about this way of learning also. By spending an hour or two per week one can finish these courses in a month.
    Knowledge is power.

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