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    It is high time the "special"tag on trains is removed....

    Most railway compartments are neatly sanitized. We just cannot afford to have the fear of the virus and stay at home. However, the special fares that are now levied on "special" trains are just not acceptable. For example, the senior citizens' concession is gone totally.

    One can see a big improvement in the Railways. The new trains are very good. The onboard cleaning has also improved. However, the Senior citizens need to be given at least the 20% concession, to keep their heads above water. And as far as the rates of food in the trains and in the platforms are concerned, it has become so costly that it is out of reach of the common man.

    One can no longer bear the financial burden. The need is to remove the "special" tag on trains.
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    Financially lower class and backwards section of the society will suffer this rate hike. Those who are rich must be happy about this improvement in railways. They will not have any problem to rate hike at all. They want more and more facilities. Roadways fare is already high. Common people would like to travel by train because train fare was always cheap and affordable to them but now it will be too difficult for them to bear.
    A large part of Indian railways is going to be privatised and the private sector will provide more facilities to passengers to earn a huge amount. Businessmen invest their money in different projects to have maximum profit.
    Government should think about common people also.

    Be indian and buy Indian.

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    There has been a lot of improvement in the Railways but more is still needed including the ones suggested by the author. In my view any concession should be based on the financial condition and not on any other category. So, it will take time to incorporate the financial level code in ones Aadhar card or any other citizen identity card and if there is a rich senior citizen, there is no point in giving concession to him. In future linking the expenditure also to ones worth can be thought of to find one eligible for discount. We are far away from that type of digital governance but in some departments like Income Tax many things are being done online digitally making the process easy and convenient for the public. The black money and undisclosed income is a big issue that Govt is not able to unearth and not get tax on it. Once special tags are removed from the trains there will be consistency and clarity and it will help in removing so many ambiguities. But the problem is that average fare decided for tag less classes will be midway and would not be affordable for the poor.
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    I agree with the author. It is time to restart all the express trains that were running before COVID 19. All the concessions and other benefits that were available with those trains should start back. All trains can't be special trains. These days we are seeing all the special trains only.
    Many poor people travel by these trains even without a reservation. They go by general compartments. In these special trains, we are not seeing these general compartments also. All buses are on roads and flights are also there. So all trains should start without any special tag at the arliest.

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    As the author himself agreed that only special trains are running to the designated destinations and thus the Railways have been incurring huge loss since one year of no regular trains and in that case how the author can expect concessions to continue for the seniors when they are not supposed to move outside during this second pandemic in progress. We have to cooperate with the railways that they are somehow running the trains and taking care of fixed expenses as monthly salaries thanks to cargo trains which are moving fast and profitable to the railways and even ordinary trains compartments are converted to goods rake.
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    The Pandemic is not over. It is still 'ON'. Many trains are not running, but only few trains are running. Railway has incurred a heavy loss, and is continuing with losses. According to me, railway should make good their revene and recover all their losses. It would take a year. We need to cooperate with the railways and bear the expenditure.

    I want to ask the author - Why should senior citizen travel in trains when we have COVID-19 present in our country. Senior citizens should avoid travelling and should not embrace COVID-19. Let us hope to have everything set right after 31 December 2021.

    Let us practice patience and tolerance.

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