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    It does make sense to tighten our belts for another 24 months

    There are many good doctors who opine that for the Coronavirus to stay in this world for a full 24 months from now. Everything will depend on the new vaccines and not merely on social distancing and so on. One is also told that the vaccines. at least the improved ones would totally prevent the infection. But these will be available only in the next 12 months. This is possibly the effect of the learning curve when the best brains would get to invent something totally new.

    Life has to go on, anyway. We cannot live a life that is based on a lock-down, yet again. However, the other option is to put on hold any investment that will cause a hole in our pocket, for the next 24 months. We need to be simple and highly calculative. For example, those who are essentially non-vegetarian are now consuming less of meat, for purely economic reasons.

    We need drastically new solutions and cannot wait for the virus to be gone forever, anytime soon.
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    Situation is absolutely confusing. Elections, rallies, parties, functions, gathering every activity is going on. People are habitual to face coronavirus. Perhaps we have no fear of any virus. I think several questions may rise. Is it due to our resilience ? Is lockdown only solition of this problem? What is the purpose of vaccine? will this vaccine protect people from new surge of coronavirus? If yes, then nothing to worry but if another more powerful and effective vaccine is required to fight against new coronavirus then surely a big anount went waste.
    The author has said that physical distancing and wearing mask will not be effective until another more effective vaccine is made and he thinks that it will take a year or so.

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    The vaccine available today claims to be effective for 50-60% people only. It means that if one lakh people take this vaccine then about 55000 people out of that would be safe while rest can get the infection if they do not take the social distancing, hands cleaning, and mask wearing etc. But as it is not known who are those lucky ones everyone will have to take precautions. That is the main anomaly or ambiguity at present. Yes, with time better vaccines would come giving a protection to 95-100% people and then only the virus would get contained. Due to various restriction the manufacturing activities will be hampered, economic growth will be poor, and there will be many factors that would discourage the people in general. We are already having a nature of doing less work and escape from our responsibilities (except a few sincere people) and over and above that corona pandemic is demotivating us in many ways and the sum total result is definitely in an adverse direction only. Spending thoughtfully and wasting no resource is the need of the hour.
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    We don't know how far the present vaccine would be effective in containing the spread but we are joining the que to get vaccinated with some hope of diluting the effect of the virus. Hence this virus is likely to stay amidst us for at least two years including the invention of a new vial which can protect us completely. By that time, it would be better to remain protected with the wearing of masks and maintaining safe distance. However, the situation might be even worse if the lock down is clamped in some areas for arresting the virus which could adversely impact our economy.

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    In Hyderabad in one area, some people who have taken a single dose of Vaccine a week back were tested COVID positive. The reason told is that they still have not taken the second dose. But I don't understand why this happened? Is it the vaccine ineffective? Anyhow the vaccine may not be effective 100%. So even after vaccination we can't be carefree but follow all the rules prescribed.
    One should plan their expenditure and see that they will survive for some more time even though there are some problems with our earnings.

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    Dr Rao - yes, it has been made clear at the outset that neither of the current vaccines will be 100% effective. More importantly, it has also been emphasized that people should continue wearing masks and not needlessly intermingle with others just because they have got the vaccine, whether one or both doses. It is also essential not to be fearful of taking the vaccines. The more people take it, the better because it can arrest the spread of the virus. The vaccines that come later may be more effective, but that is many months away and we may even need to take another type of vaccine as boosters each year.


    Coming to the topic of this thread, yes, we should not only take care on the health front but also financially and be prudent.

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    Actually the govt caught unaware as the second surge of virus made the vaccine program to take different route. That the govt decision to vaccine only the seniors was the wrong step as the virus started penetrating into the lives of small children and youth. That the vaccine availability to the vulnerable sections are not made and they need to wait. There is need to redesign the vaccine program and see that everyone gets vaccinated home wise , colony wise, society wise so that the virus can be kept at bay. And who is thinking of investment and bank deposits now. People are more worried about the very next day and they wants to save money for the possible lock down or slow down of life again and therefore the people wants to invest on essentials, store the food grains for the future and nothing more than that.
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