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    Not only excessive criticism, but our negligence and indifference will break the hearts of others.

    We need pure heart and empathy if we are to be able to listen to someone and be patient with his words in his own way. Some do not speak to satisfy or entertain their listeners. Some others do it in order to forget something unpleasant.
    There are many people who, along with others, recover their balance when their balance goes wrong. It is our duty to encourage them, not to give grades to their performance as such. Even if we are good listeners, or consider them in a minimum itself, their mental state will become positive and prolong their life.
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    Finding out faults, telling others to correct them, is always welcome. But the way in which you convey will make a lot of difference. One should not feel bad if somebody is telling you about the mistakes. Try to correct them and go ahead. Some people try to find out hairs on eggs. They will try to see mistakes where there is no chance also. That will become excessive criticism. This will be creating a negative impression of the person.
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    Criticism is vocal and indifference and negligence are silent actions and all such actions affect people if they are criticised or neglected. It may give negative impact on their mind, they may feel marginalised too, especially, when they have scarcity in self-confidence, it may find themselves cornered. If we are self-confident, successful and endowed with all positive characteristics we should be more humble while interacting with such people. We need to encourage them instead of discouraging them to let out what they have in their heart and we should listen to them attentively. If they need our suggestions or any help we should do our duty.

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    The author has raised a good post which need to be discussed. We are not supposed to criticize others just for the fun and joy of us. When there is no need to criticize why should we belittle the others. And if others are criticized again and again, we are taking the rights too far and that may have negative impact on the lasting relations. No one want to be criticized in front of others and if that happens they get deeply hurt and we cannot restore the bad relations that develop out of this context. Our finding fault with others would be in the way of guiding them to the good future and not ruin our relations.
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    It is a good way of maintaining our humanity that we can contribute to reducing the problems of others as much as possible. The most important thing is that when a person is unhappy and we are with him/her to help them, then we do not have to spend anything special on it. Only listen carefully to the person in front, do not start counting his mistakes in between, otherwise, he will not be able to put his point in front of you with confidence. First, understand the problem, go to its depth and try to find out the actual reason, and then give your advice or opinion only then it will be rightly welcomed by others.

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    Listening to others patiently and communicating ones reactions and remarks back to the person in an amicable and pleasing manner is an art and very few people possess that quality. Most of the people react and disagree at the first instance and then start criticising also. That ends the mutual conversation at the beginning itself and is not in a good taste. Simply finding faults and criticising will demotivate the other person or he may feel offended and close the discussion in its initial phases only. We have to be very cautious while discussing matters with people and should talk on a general level without making allegations or criticising someones traits and manners. We need not to condemn the viewpoint of other person rather present our point and then give him time to analyse and respond on that. That is the way a healthy discussion should be carried out. Showing indifference, neglecting, offending, criticising etc would not only break their heart but would sometimes lead to end of mutual relationship also.
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