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    Old can be gold even now

    This story was narrated to me over phone recently. I would not know the person personally at all. However, guy who is my close friend, it now turns out is related to the person, a highly motivated 65 + lady, who lives with her husband in Bangalore.

    Only through such individuals can we understand the value of experience. Of deft handling of some situation, that has prevented conflicts and made the family united. It so happens that this lady's husband is one of the four sons in his family. Some ten years ago, when his 90 plus father passed away, there was a big property dispute. The land parcel had to be divided by four and the dispute arose when one of the sons wanted a bigger share. This suburb is in Western Bangalore. It is now a relatively better developed area.

    This lady talked to all relatives and make them understand that family unity is more important than the land. The four brothers agreed with this lady and her arguments. The two brothers who had actually taken care of their parents deserved a slightly higher share, she argued. Her own husband was employed elsewhere in North India, while the eldest guy, now no more, was then based in the USA. He died within one year of his father s death.

    Today, the children of the four brothers get together at least once in Bangalore. Each guy has helped his or her cousin to settle down in UK, USA and Singapore. The three brothers, who are quite old now, still meet as often as possible, though they have their own children in India in different parts of the country and abroad.

    One lady has made such a vital difference. There is also a mention about the interest shown by one brother in protecting the environment near the lovely town of Gobichettipalayam, where he seems to be having a house.

    I would love to meet this family soon. Such instances are rare but those who are patient and can see the bigger picture can indeed do far better things.
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    All the problems come with money and property only. If any one of the partners is ready to sacrifice, there will not be a big problem and the problem will be solved amicably.
    I know a person who is having two sons. After his demise, these two sons have to share the property they have. The elder son wanted more than the other. But the younger one did not accept. Finally, they went to court and they followed the court verdict. Once the problem is solved, both the families are maintaining good relations. The children of the two brothers are having good relations.

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    The old or the elder of the family always strive for unity and integrity within the members and they would go one mile further to help and seek adjustments among them. There are many youngsters who want to lead the happy life without the botheration of the elders in their life, but when it comes to dispute they cannot settle on their own and the elders need to be intervened. One thing is sure the elders of those days grown up with united family trait and they know the importance of each family member in good and bad situations and thus avoid dispute of any sort in past , present or future.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I appreciate this lady for her uncanny acumen and prudence. She fixed up all disputed issues in an amicable way. It is amazing of her. Sometimes, some incidents settle such disputes. I heard somewhat similar incident of a businessman. He had a shop. He employed a Muslim man as his servant who remained with him and his family even after his death. When this businessman died in old age, his four sons unanimously agreed to get their old servant retired. Since this servant was also an old man now, so they asked him to stay with their family home in place of their father. All family members cared about this old man. One day all four brothers were involved in dispute over distribution of property. Youngest son was highly angry and shouting at his eldest brother and he was almost about to hit his brother, all of sudden this old servant stood from his place and slapped on the cheek of the youngest brother. It was almost shocking for everyone. Everybody was transfixed and silent. Nobody spoke even a single world. He said,"Did lalaji (their father) earned this property for this day that all of you will fight like vultures for it". Then this old man realised his mistake because he was a servant to all of them. But this slap once again united the family and all disputes were settled amicably. After this incident this old servant became more respected to them.

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