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    There are good and bad 'Trends' we follows. is it right?

    The word 'trend' is very familiar to all, as it is commonly used in all languages. But many of them become a tendency to us. We have often had to follow many trends in our lives. It can be seen that the traditional foods we have acquired in the past, have changed and turned to the food trends of foreign countries. Many of these do not provide the body with the required nutrients and many of the unwanted ones accumulate in the body. Trends in food like this cannot be fully followed. Many of the trends in the food we are following are that foreigners have tried and found not to be good, which are being described by us as new trends in India. One of them is foods like Paratha made with maida flour- the final waste content of wheat used to make gum. Our traditional foods provide essential nutrients to the body and are easily digested. But the new trends, like maida flower, not only do no good to the body but are also harmful. Therefore, such foods that have come into the diet - which are trending among the youth - should be avoided. So this is a bad trend.
    New trends in clothing can be seen in our country over the years. But our traditional dress code was adapted to the temperate climate of our country. Many of the new dress trends are being used for convenience. So young and middle-aged people are interested in wearing trendy clothes even if it is a little hot. Older people are reluctant to wear such new trend clothes. The latest trend in fashion is the introduction of clothing in the Indian market. It has been embraced by the youth community. So it can not be said that it is a bad trend.
    We have started using the latest trends for attractive in-house fittings. One of them is LED strip lighting. They enhance the beauty of the view only. Traditionally we were used bulbs and tubes with filaments. The next trend was filament-free, mercury-coated CFL bulbs, to reduce the usage of electricity, and that gives more light in less electric power. But that too was changed as it was found to be a major headache to avert bulbs after usage and the mixing of mercury in the soil was detrimental to agriculture and the environment. The current new trend is LED bulbs and tube lights. These provide more light at lower power than CFL bulbs. Let time prove whether there is any harm in these too.

    (This is my entry to the TOW contest - March 2021)
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    A good presentation by the author. There are some issues which are good for us and some issues which are not good. But we have a tendency to get attracted to the issues which are more appealing to us. Somebody will start that and many will follow. That will become a trend. But is it good or bad will not be considered?
    The food habits should be suitable for the area and the environment we stay in. But we will not think about this when we try to switch over to the food habits followed elsewhere. It is always better if we can use our judgement and decide whether it suits us or not before following the trend.

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    Our food style in the past. our dressing code and other convention were definitely healthy but later we shifted our styles adopting new trends in respect of food, clothes and in other issues. Definitely old styles in respect of food pattern were healthy but now we are doing many experiments with respect to food items such inclusion of Pizza, Burger and Kachoris made from Maida. Regular use of such items give rise to life style disease and the patients are now rising due to our faulty choice. Dress codes are also changeable with time. Zeans are the latest versions and such dresses don't provide comfort which we Indian enjoy in kurtas and dhotis.
    In terms of usage of electronic items, the latest editions may save electricity and provide better illumination as we could see in the LED versions.

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    We are guided by the likes and demands of our wish and mind and therefore we are influenced by personal choice and also through various sources and also the social media which may be good trend or also bad trend. A good trend may due to great offer products or services to which we are yearning to have and the bad trends are which we are forced to go through by the social media contacts. However we have the discretion either to select or reject the trend and we alone responsible for any good or bad happenings.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Many new trends come up. Some of them are accepted and some of them are rejected by people. Some people are crazy for following new trends. The author has given example of different food items which were originated in foreign countries, like burgers, patties, momos, chowmein etc are commonly sold at every corner of the road of the cities. I don't eat foreign food. I always take indian food. If I go out of town even then I don't take foreign branded food.
    New trends pops us in fashion also but they are changed after some time. A big section of society is fond of new fashion. They keep their eyes on what is trending now a days. Those who can afford original brand of new trend they go for it but lower section which follows new trends though but can't afford the original brand they are pleased to take duplicate and local made brands. It satiates their demands of following new trends.
    This craze is unending but over the time trend followers begin to move towards old age and gradually trend following becomes a useless activity for them and they begin to teach new generation that following new trends is sheer waste of time and money. I think this is the oldest trend of the world which is followed by every old people.

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    A good thread has been given by the author. It is true that the mixed form of geographical position and culture of every country becomes our lifestyle. Whether it is about food or clothing, geographic status has a great effect on it. In today's time, there is no such part of the world where technological development is not happening and when this development increases people understand the different cultures of the world with them and some people also like to adopt them. A new trend comes and in a few days, people all over the world begin to have an impact. Social media is an important component in this. But it is also true that there are different forms of trends and we have to decide what to adopt or not.
    Swati Sharma

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    The author has rightly elaborated that trends are not permanent and they undergo change. He also says that trends are also bad and good. He is right when he illustrates that we are many times falling victims to trends. He rightly conveys that we should follow only the right trends. A good straight forward copy-book style thread giving a good message.

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