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    Is a Part-Time job always the right choice for youth?

    Do you consider taking up part-time jobs as the right decision by many youngsters today? The benefits and downsides of doing so is discussed in this forum thread.

    Today's youth have a lot of zeal to do a job as soon as possible and for this, they often compromise their career too. It has been seen many times that some children go to another city to prepare for the government job examination or pursue any other course and their parents give them enough money for the month's expenses, which includes the rent. But still, some children want to fulfill their other hobbies too, such as buying trendy clothes, parties with friends, etc. And when it is understood that there is a lack of money, then they often start part-time jobs so that the income they get from it could meet their other expenses. Many times this part-time job is done without informing the parents as the parents will not allow them to do so. But parents who are allowing their children to go to other cities for studies so that the children can have a good future, in such a situation, this step of the children just to fulfill their hobbies is wrong. First of all, they should make their career then they can automatically fulfill all wishes.
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    There is nothing wrong to work for part time job if the youth wants to spend their spare time productively. For example the catering boys are required for five to six hours work from 5 pm to 11 pm and the salary is 500 per day with food or the dinner at the place of function. In the morning hours the youth can spend on studies or other work to earn something more Thus the youth has the scope for earning at the young age and they need not depend on their parents for the monthly pocket expenses and of course they can help the parents by giving some money earned out of part time job the parents would feel the happiness.
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    The issue which the author has raised may be applied to some students who waste their money sent by their parents and they indulge in some useless activities which not only waste their money but also hamper their study. I don't think any considerate and sane person will do such activities. It is also the responsibility of their parents to keep an eye on their activities and should get themselves informed what their sons do other than their study. If these students are staying in a hostel then such a situation will hardly arise but if they are staying in a rented house then it is possible. I think parents should have to be in touch with the landlord as they should have their phone number and they should ask them to keep an eye on their sons' activities.
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    In my view part time job is a very good option for the youngsters not only to earn some pocket money but also to understand and realise the importance of work in our lives. One must understand the dignity of work. It is of utmost importance. It is not that only the students from poor background should work part time. In some foreign countries many students belonging to rich families also do part time jobs to hold their head in esteem. I remember when I was in my HSC then we had long summer breaks and belonging to a lower middle class family there was no chance to go for outing or fun. At that time polythene bags were not much common and shopkeepers used the paper bags made out of magazines and newspaper. One shopkeeper told us to make them for him and he would pay some good amount for that. The idea appealed to us and we got some old magazines and newspaper some from our house and some from other neighbours who happily helped us by giving some to us and then we started to make the bags in our spare time as long as we wished. We prepared gum with wheat flour, the cheapest way. When we gave a bunch of the bags to the shopkeeper he gave us the money and it became a very good source of pocket money for us and we were able to visit even those shops selling all sort of lucrative snacks and eatables which earlier we were seeing from the outside only.
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    Part-time jobs are always good to do to meet the expenses and it makes a person financially independent and children also learn to manage things of their own without depending on the parent for basic needs. I think a proper guidance is needed to guide children to try to be financially independent and also study to excel in life. Restricting children would not be good for their future. When they work part-time, it exposes them to the working environment and develops them as outstanding chaps. When they earn themselves, they will understand the importance of money and won't spend on unnecessary things.

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    Part time jobs are not necessarily a time consuming process provided we keep our eyes open to our prime task. Some aspirants preparing for some competitive examinations like UPSC or CAT examination living in city would require some extra money to meet their additional expenses. They cannot demand the same either from their parents because of their financial constraints. It would not be a bad idea to earn some money while concentrating on their studies. In that way, the learn some lessons related to their practical lives.

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    Parents have to guide their children in this regard as most of the children will not be aware about the importance of part time jobs and its takeaways in their lives. We must inculcate the work culture in the younger generation as that would be highly beneficial in their lives. A person knows the importance of time and money when one works oneself. So, it is imperative that we should motivate them in that direction.
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    Part-time jobs allow us to improve our knowledge also. When I was doing my PhD the fellowship I was getting was not sufficient to take care of our family expenses those days. So I used to take classes in tutorial colleges and used to earn extra money. Here I got two advantages. One is that I was able to make some extra money. Number two, it helped me in improving my subject knowledge. As I was teaching intermediate students those days, I used to study the basics again and again so that I can clear the doubts of the students. This knowledge helped in getting selected in written tests for Junior lecturer posts and Bank Officer posts. But I couldn't clear the interviews in both cases.
    So I always feel taking up some part-time jobs which will give us some additional knowledge and provide us with some experience which will be helpful in facing interviews for full-time jobs after completing our education.

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